Snuff Reviews

Once you have actually opened your first tin of snuff you have just joined a community. Fellow enthusiasts who share a common thread among each other. An appreciation of the pleasures and noble legacy of and ritualistic appeal of nasal tobacco. Sharing the rich vocabulary of superlatives and sometimes critical remarks about our shared experiences. The best way to participate in the well being of your new community is opinion. Best way to share your opinion is a review.

Your Review is Important!

Opinion may not be the correct criteria for a review. Let's say a review is allowing others to partake in your observations. Now there aren't really any strict rules when talking about nasal snuff besides common civility. If you have something relevant to say about your new found pleasure, others may be interested. Everyone's experiences with snuff are slightly different and it's the differences and nuances in them that are interesting.

So park yourself comfortably behind your keyboard and hammer away the remarks about your latest snuff acquisition. What did you like about the product? The most used qualifiers are flavor intensity, texture, the ease or not of snuffing, color, moisture, strength and any other parameter you want to use. Do not hesitate to include interesting anecdotes about your snuffing experiences.

Tell us what you think!

Try and keep the review as complete as possible but be mindful that anything over a couple of paragraphs may be daunting for some readers. So please give the reviews a try by giving up some of your opinions and insights. Happy snuffing.

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