A Trip to India

A Trip to India

Almost a half million acres are dedicated to the production of tobacco in India whose caliber is world renowned and exported globally. India boasts of some of the oldest manufacturers continuing to produce an incredible variety of tobacco and herbal snuffs, naswar, khaini, gul, makla and filter snus. The unique soil and climate render crops of the highest quality. What sets these products above the crowd is the hand-made and painstakingly arduous process of production. Tradition cannot be rushed. In some cases, the product is acquired from very remote areas and access is limited.


The allure of these snuffs is the gamut of traditional to exotic. There are some snuffs that will literally bring tears to your eyes while others will capture the essence of a cool floral evening in Goa. The array of textures of these products goes from sandy dry to sticky moist. The range of flavors is diverse and extends from the subtle aromas of rose water to the piquant of bird peppers. The Indian experience is novel if you have not tried it yet and, if you have, I suggest another stroll through the aisles in the marketplace; you are bound to discover additional candidates for your collection.

 Colors of India

Dholakia snuffs are very representative of the Indian tobacco tradition and have built a reputation for quality and variety whose price point seems to square the circle. These subcontinental offerings vary from sweet aromatic to fits of burn and sneeze. To begin the adventure let us have a morning sniff of wake me up with some Dholakia White Tiger or if you prefer a gentler sunup nudge, reach for some Swiss Chocolate. The midday is always brighter when topped with some Dholakia Black or Dholakia White that will invigorate your afternoon. The evening might tend towards a less potent snuff that will help ease the spirit into gentler quietude with some Dholakia Ganga or Dholakia Manjul.  These marvelous tobacco powders have been blended by artisans to provide a window to the heart of India. I suggest you peruse the entire Dholakia collection that includes some new offerings of a herbal nature and decide for yourself where your pleasure lies. Happy snuffing.

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