Dholakia Ganga 10g

Dholakia Ganga 10g

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Dholakia Ganga is a flagship snuff. This blend of sweet oriental tobaccos gives off a rich exotic perfume and blends complex flavors into a structure that is authentically Indian. This medium moist snuff exudes a hints of sandalwood, cardamom with a bouquet of roses. This no doubt a complex snuff that unveils its character in stages. This is a classic jewel of India that is well worth having in your collection.

Available in a variety of convenient hermetically sealed containers.

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robert bryan (Jacksonville, US)
Good Lord this is grape.

I will eventually take this entire tin. It is not bad but definitely not an all day tin for me. Its like grape soda or some grape bubble gum. Its strong artificial grape flavor but enjoyable in small quantities.

J.H. (Sunshine Coast, AU)
Kosher kedem Concord

Just like a glass of kosher Kedem Concord grape juice but for your nose!
A true grape flavour not artificial with a vitamin N hit behind it!

Alexander Bird (Miami, US)
Really enjoyed it!

It smells just like sweet grapes and it is pretty strong. Was a bit dryer than what I am used to with English snuffs like McChrystals but was enjoyable and did not make me sneeze or give me drips.

I am enjoying Indian snuffs so much that I may just buy all Indian snuffs from now on.

Perfumed Delight

This is a lovely, lovely snuff. My 25g container is nearly a year old, and though half empty it has retained its scent perfectly.
This is not an all-day snuff. For me it isn't even an every day snuff; it is, however, a sensual treasure that I use as a reward for a good day.
I will also add a pinch or two to a dessert pipe - a dedicated pipe, mind - every once in awhile and get my taste buds in on the experience.
This is serious snuff, though, underneath the perfume. Hits the nose fairly hard, harder than many, but to some of us that's not a bad thing at all.

Joseph James
Rose Scented

Dry, fine snuff with a medium brown color.

Rose scented. The rose scent lasts a long time. Very fragrant and enjoyable. If you don't like smelling roses, you won't like it. I find it very delightful, myself.

The nicotine in this one is respectable but not what I would consider strong. I like a lot of nicotine and this one has kept me happy in that department.