Dholakia White 25g

Dholakia White 25g

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Dholakia White is a dry, light tan in color with a fine grind. Made from high quality Indian rustica tobaccos, this is not an easy snuff to take. Upon sniffing, you will be assaulted with a scorching sensation that will immediately bring water to the eyes. The nicotine is almost instantaneous and extremely overpowering. This is not a snuff to take lightly. Please use extreme care when inhaling; small pinches please. One of the best reviews is in the accompanying video.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Carl Moss (Crewe, GB)
Wondeful stuff!

I'm a fan of plain snuffs. So many Indian snuffs are far too perfumed for my liking, so I tend to avoid them. However, this is not like that.

Like all finely-ground snuffs you have to be a little careful about how you take it, unless you enjoy watering eyes and a cough. If you get a couple of bumps into each nostril you can pick up that natural tobacco flavour, reminiscent of barnyards. It's rather like Neffa Ifrikia for me but not so pronounced.

It's splendid and I am getting through it much more quickly than I thought. I'll just have to get a larger tin next time...

J. (Jersey City, US)
Below my expectations

Was expecting a N hit and it didn't come. Very powdery and difficult to take. Drip wasn't that bad.

John Villella (McLean, US)
Good stuff

I like strong products and use Swedish snus daily. At first I was a little scared to try based on the reviews seeing this was my first time. This stuff is gold. I do not get a scent with it. Nic hit is there, but I didn’t find it to overpowering. Don’t find the sting unbearable either. More of a pleasant sting. Great with coffee or after dinner. Very fine grind so don’t sniff like you’re trying to reach the back of your head., and use common sense on your nic tolerance. Would definitely order again.

Alone or as a Mixer

Dholakia White is my go to Nasal Snuff that I enjoy for not only it's high nicotine but the fact that it is very very dry and nice to be able to mix with a moister Snuff to balance it out. I like to add a floral or medicated snuff with it sometimes to give it a change but when I am really in the mood for a Nic. Kick I go for it straight and it is a ride by the seat of your pants when the Nic kicks in. Great snuff and I always buy this in the larges quantity I can as I use it for a base for everything or just by itself.
Kenneth - Florida, USA

Spicy Anchovies

This is a very difficult snuff to sniff. I can't say I enjoyed how fine it was the first time I tried it. In fact, as I took my pinch and placed it near my nostril, I was breathing in the fine snuff literally into my lungs through my nose with the shallow breath I use before sniffing the snuff. This is equal to talcum powder and is not very enjoyable. Besides that, mixing it seems to make it into the perfect consistency. With a lot of practice you can enjoy a small amount on the tip of a toothpick. The aroma is wonderful, sharp anchovy scent with a light spice scent. Color is beige with a hit of light orange. This is still an incredible snuff, but it will humble you. I would also recommend humidifying this snuff to make it easier to use because it is very dry. This is definitely an expert level snuff that is not for beginners.