Wilsons Rows of Sharrow 10g

Wilsons Rows of Sharrow 10g

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Wilsons Rows of Sharrow is a hybrid flavor that features the garden rose. The aromas meld into a wonderfully floral bouquet that features this perennial shrub accompanied by a whiff of citrus and a musky, tea-like scent. These components are wed to very aromatic cultivars that contribute to the full bodied tobacco base. There are no real distractions to this well balanced offering that has the formula for homogeneous blend of earth and flora. This mid brown powder with medium grind and moderate moisture provides an above average hit of nicotine in every prickly pinch. Imagine a stroll through the rows of an English garden.

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SnuffHouse Reviews

Rose of Sharron

"I am the rose of Sharron, and the lily of the valleys. As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters."  Song of Solomon 2:1 & 2.

A homophone, cocoa brown Rows of Sharrow...

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
J Brown (Liverpool, GB)
Unique and Delightful.

This snuff is interesting and unique. The rose comes through clearly as well as herbaceous hints. It has got to be tried to be believed.

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Mike (Montreal, CA)
Floral Bomb

Alas, this one isn't for me. Everything that I love about the Royal George feels thrown wildly out of balance in the Rows of Sharrow. The scent of flowers isn't so much inviting as it is overpowering here. It feels a bit like shoving finely ground rose pedals up my nose. The pleasant notes of citrus regrettably aren't enough to counterbalance the relentlessness of the floral aroma.

texanlonesnuffer (San Marcos, US)
Aphrodisiac Effects

This is one of those century old recipes that must be tried. For me it has an actual aphrodisiac effect increasing stamina and drive almost instantly.

Jo (Atlanta, US)

For starters, I can't overstate how dry and fine this snuff is. Any amount of overzealousness will send this shooting into the back of your throat. The floral aroma is a perfume bomb. I absolutely love this stuff. I would use this every day if I wasn't worried about being desensitized to the aroma.

If you're a fan of floral notes, buy this now.

G. (Grosse Ile Township, US)

I'm not usually a rose fan but this has made me rethink that. It's a med/fine grind moderate nic slightly moist and has a little darkness because of it . The scent has several layers but rose shines through without overwhelming. The finish almost seems like a faint citrus IMO. Give it a try!