Wilsons Irish No. 22 5g

Wilsons Irish No. 22 5g

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Wilsons Irish No.22 is just like a slice of lightly burnt and buttered grilled bread. The slightly sweet and nutty taste of dry cracked cereal grain sits on top of peaty, bitter and marshy scents squeezed from prime aromatic tobaccos. The aromas are reminiscent of a misty morning trek in a lowland lea outside County Atrim heading for a shelter of thatch and comfort of a roaring fireplace. This snuff's color is saddle brown, the grind is extra fine, the moisture is non existent. Beware of the fire in the hole, as this tobacco powder can scorch the nose but provides a nicotine surge that is breathtaking. Beware of this paddy's punch, you may end up on your keester.

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Karston Hunt (Pendleton, US)
New Snuffer

I am new to snuffing and I bought this along with Grand Cairo, Gold Label, and a McChrystals sample pack.

At first, I hated this snuff. I tried it a couple of times and decided it wasn't for me. However, after trying out the sampler pack and snuffing some Grand Cairo for a few weeks I came back and, with a more seasoned nose, found myself in love with this snuff.

Irish No. 22 is fantastic. It smells of Smokey wood, cigar tobacco, and a slight buttery scent at the back end. It is also an extremely easy snuff to take, contrary to my initial reaction. The low moisture level, unobtrusive scent, and extremely fine grind allow one to easily use this snuff all day and it is now my favorite by a mile.

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Mike (Montreal, CA)
Countryside in a Tin

This is easily one of my favourite snuffs, but I can imagine that it's not for everybody. The predominant aromas are straight tobacco, leather, and a peaky smokiness. There's also a very appealing scent barnyard/horse blanket. It really gives me the feeling of being out in the Irish countryside and pairs well with whiskey. An everyday snuff for me.

Sheldon S. (Elkhart, US)
Buttery goodness

Very fine grind. Notes of buttered toast, leather, and nuts. I thought Blonde was the only toast I needed until I tried this. I'll definitely keep this on hand as well - a favorite for sure.

Bryan Beals (Paw Paw, US)

Fine grind. Medium nicotine. Average toasted snuff. Not to difficult to sniff and that nice tobacco scent I enjoy once in awhile when I get burned out from medicated snuffs.

B. (Chillicothe, US)
Good for a Toast

I've tried a couple other toasts and so far I haven't been a fan. This seems to be what I've been looking for though in terms of a smoky scent akin to an American Scotch. Of the toasts I've tried this one is pretty easy to take despite the fine dry consistency. I can see why people seem to love this above other toasts as its certainly the best so far in my book.