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Wilsons Extra M 10g

Wilsons Extra M 10g


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Wilsons Extra M is the savant blend of mentha arversis with aromatic and brightleaf tobaccos that supply an invigorating, slightly anesthetic and cooling sensation sought after by most practitioners of the fine art of snuff taking. The practice offers, to those who partake, an initial analgesic to the nose that overwhelms with an icy tingle and opens the sinuses to the familiar aromas of the fermented tabacum cultivars, providing the endorphins that are prized in the ritual. This blend has a medium brown color, a medium moisture content with a medium-fine grind and silky texture. The nose burn is moderate and nicotine content is better than average. This is a snuff which affords great pleasure from such a simple amalgam. Take a pinch and feel this frosty treat.

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Wilsons Extra M 10g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Yves Herren (Zermatt, CH)
Wilsons Extra M

Strong snuff with lots of menthol, clears the nose!

R Atlas (Maidstone, GB)
Nasal Nuke

This snuff detonates on impact. And after the immediate shock wave comes the fallout.

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Strong Menthol

Extra M is one of a number of mentholated snuffs produced by Wilsons of Sharrow. Sitting between M and Super M, the Extra M has a heavier menthol presence compared to the M, but it is more balanced and restrained than the Super M. Expect a snuff with a medium-fine grind, medium moisture, and a fairly high nicotine content that delivers a sharp blast of menthol that cleans out the sinuses and lingers in the nose. If one fights through the persistent menthol, subtler impressions of camphor, corn mint, eucalyptus, lemon, and bergamot can be detected, as can delicate impressions of earth, chocolate, leather, and biscuit from the base tobacco(s). Overall, this is an excellent snuff, but it packs a punch, and the menthol is very pronounced. If you (like me), are a fan of menthol-heavy English snuffs, this snuff will very likely be for you.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Mint Julep

Similar to WoS’ “M.”, this rust brown medium ground snuff is essentially the same product but with a higher dosage of menthol. Without burn or sneeze, Extra M. delivers a good rush of nicotine.

To make a traditional Mint Julep, one muddles 4 mint leaves, to which is added a teaspoon of powdered sugar, 2oz of Bourbon and 2 teaspoons of fizzy water. The concoction is then shaken and poured over shaved ice into a silver Julep Cup. Another way is to snort some Extra M. and have some Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, straight from the bottle. No need to speculate on which method is most convenient.

Douglas Reed (North Charleston, US)
Holy expletive, Batman!

3 stars on it's own.
5 stars as part of a blend.
Purchased this cause the price was excellent and figured I can't lose (under 2$usd). Just got it in today and took my first toot almost 5 min ago and my eyes are still watering. The menthol in this will beat the absolute crap out of the unsuspecting. Probably won't use much of this on it's own unless I need to clear my sinuses in a hurry. I'm going to use a bit of this at a time as the medicated additive that I enjoy in moderation in my personal blends, a role I think it will be well suited for since the menthol is well flavored albeit intense.