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White Elephant 35g

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Those who fancy themselves as experts in Indian snuff, will relish this outstanding offering  from 41 Photo. White Elephant is a strong and powerful substance that signifies a mighty nicotine hit. Prepare yourself fora blast of ammonia scent that is the precursor of an enormous nicotine rush.

One of India's finest blends. This product comes in several sizes. You may want to read some of the stellar reviews White Elephant has received.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
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T.D. (Dearborn, US)
My daily snuff

This one is a famous snuff. Or infamous, depending on who you ask. It is bone dry, silky like desert sand. Smokey dust rises from the tin as you lift the lid. It is difficult to take. Finesse is needed to avoid a lung full of snuff.
Unless you are a hardcore seasoned veteran of nicotine, tread with EXTREME caution. This stuff is POTENT.
After several months of using this snuff daily, i have discovered that if this snuff is used indoors, it is almost impossible to smell.
However, fresh air seems to "activate" this snuff, leading to aromas of heavy ammonia, stable, hay, fresh grass, and roasted nut. 10 out of 10 snuff. Expensive, but if White Elephant wont do it for ya, nothing will.

Konrad von Marburg (North York, CA)
Nicotine and fish

This is so very very fine. Not for the beginner. However, as a smoker this hits the nail on the head regarding nicotine. It has a slightly fishy smell - and I love it. I absolutely love it. I cannot "snuff" this. Rather, I use clean hands and pinch and rub it into my nostrils. You must make sure you have clean hands - otherwise you risk potentially getting an infection (ie putting your hands in your nose). I love different Fribourg and Treyer products, but I keep coming back to this animal. My only qualm is that the tin is not stainless steel, and it is prone to rust. Therefore you must decant this in some sort of smaller glass or stainless steel jar. You don't want to snuff rust. Anyway, I don't want to wax poetic over this stuff. The bottom line is that this is delicious, gives you the nicotine you need, and is overall 5 stars. That being said, treat it with respect. :)

R. (Salem, US)
Great snuff

The snuff is very fine grind, almost talcum powder fine. Pale tan in color and very dry. Take a little practice to snuff it right. I see a lot of reviews saying it burns but I haven’t had it burn me yet. Also the scent reminds we of fubar willie Pete. Plenty of vitamin N and will give ya the spins if your not careful. Over all, the snuff is a great snuff for all day use at least for me!

Peter l.
My head a splode

This one is poooooooowerful! Be extremely careful taking this with a snuff spoon, as it can make your eyes water. Good used nasaly, but also nice as a dentifrice. The only thing I took a star off for was the can it came in: I cut my finger opening the lid. Other than that, the snuff is perfect!

Christopher Stinnett
Very smelly

Please note it takes about 3 to 4 weeks to get to USA....

OK onto the snuff. Uhhh. It has a very strong smell. Kinda fishy and kinda ammonia smelling. Like a bread factory next to a fish market next to a meat factory. Nicotine content is good. Very powdery. East to snuff besides the smell. Not bad. 6 outta 10