Viking Thor's Hammer 500g

Viking Thor's Hammer 500g

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Viking Thor's Hammer may have been fermented where Mjölnir was forged. The tobacco aromas bring us to a blacksmith's fire with leather apron and musky aromas of dry hay, sweaty beasts and thick damp air. The scents are almost mythic and this legendary recipe comes with a dark robe, medium coarse flour and a moist, easily pinched grind that can handily be taken in the nose with little irritation while providing a superior rush of endorphins that lasts a long while. This snuff should be seriously considered as a mainstay of any collection. Odin's son will rock your world.

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Remjob (Springfield, US)
Brutishly Smooth.

Brutishly smooth as well as a strong dealer in sateing vitamin N desires.

M.F. (Indianapolis, US)
Darkness & Light

Plain tobacco snuffs have not really been my thing in the past, but I am coming to appreciate them more, and this snuff has had a great deal to do with this recent development. A blend of the flue-cured Virginia leaf used in Viking Blonde and the dark-fired Virginia seed leaf used in Viking Dark, this blended snuff delivers a perfect mix of what both have to offer. From the tin, there isn't much of an aroma, but once this snuff hits the front of nose, it delivers a pleasant rush of earth, leather, chocolate, straw, biscuit, peat, and smoke. There is a slight peppery quality and some hints of grass, mushroom, and musty barnyard funk in there too. The grind is medium-fine. Moisture content is moderate. Nicotine content is rather high, but it is not immediately noticeable. More often than not, the nicotine sneaks up on you with this snuff, so a little care is required when taking it. Straightforward and effective, this is just a delightful blended snuff overall. Definitely consider checking it out if you are looking for a reliable unscented snuff.

R.M. (Little Rock, US)
Simple Surprise

The way the company advertises this snuff I thought it would be akin to Bernard’s Gekachelter….smokey, peaty and leather. You get a fine semi moist grind. The company is very generous with the amount of tobacco it gives. It is a fine and soft powder. The smell is almost nondistinctive, but if you take your time, you will be rewarded with a natural sweet and almost subtle flavor of chocolate tobacco goodness. The sweetness is from the natural tobacco and the care placed into producing such a fine product. A very gentle burn/warmth comes with a pinch along with a low medium nic hit. This is far from a hammer, and more of a velvet glove. Definitely worth a try. I’m glad I did.

Sven Sulzmann (Oakhurst, US)

Very subtle at the beginning I got not much but than all sorts of forest smells. Freshness, pine, mixed with a little earth. As I smelled the tobacco out of the box it was very peaty almost like a bog but that isn't what you get in the nose

Jeffrey Suski (Brandon, CA)

I am fond of strong cigars, black coffee,and Copenhagen chew,(non menthol)...Thor's Hammer flavor profile and face warming burn has completed my tobacco journey...this is what I had been searching for, and didn't even know it. Thank you Mr. Snuff for making this whole online ordering process an absolute cake-walk and adding even more joy to my life with these fine products. You have a lifetime customer over here now.