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Viking Dark 500g

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Viking Dark has a bold tobacco taste that is easily discerned when opening the tin. The first aromas are smoke, peat, wet straw, all earthy elements of a rich soil, followed by a sweet floral scent that finishes with notes of caramel or burning sugars. The color of this masterpiece is dark chocolate with medium moisture, coarse and fluffy in texture and provides a negligible nose burn and a superior nicotine hit. This snuff is easy to take with an above average endorphin rush, base only on these criteria, should be favored in your collection. If not yet discovered, it should be included in your next replenishment. Happy snuffing.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 12.

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Customer Reviews

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F.M. (Kansas City, US)
Fantastic Foundation

Very nice basic snuff. Great alone, but also a fantastic base to add other flavors with. There's an apricot flavored snuff I like, only it's too fruity on it's own and it's a bit too powdery and dry. Mixing with the Viking dark tempers the taste and holds the dry, loose bits down because it's nice and moist. Has good nicotine content and gives a slight and pleasant burn on it's own. Highly recommend.

John E (Grande Prairie, CA)

I smell nothing but manure, just smelling the tin makes me gag,

John Burmester (Hackbridge, GB)
Viking Dark 20g

Great moist snuff. Nice and strong. Gives you a nice high. Very reasonable price.

It contains non of the disgusting menthol oil a lot of other snuffs have.

Will definitely be ordering more.

texanlonesnuffer (San Marcos, US)
Lifetime Supply of an excellent Natural Snuff

For the price of crappy vaporbar, you can buy yourself a tub of this Viking snuff. The snuff itself is excellent. It smells very natural, tobacco forward, it's moist with some sort of sweet smelling oil that feels soft in the nostrils. Not menthol but something else, and it's very exotic. Now I can tell it's sandalwood. The first pinch did remind me of a 'Viking' it was strong burley and natural. After you pick up the sandalwood, I'm not sure where it takes me, but my heart says the shores of Hawaii or Fiji, There is so much snuff in here I'm not sure I'll ever run out. Enough to weather any storm, certainly enough to outlast WW3.

John Villella (Kansas City, US)
Basic and Great

Menthol man here. I appreciate this snuff for its simplicity and good nicotine hit. Basic but good stuff.