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Taxi Red 15g

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Taxi Red is a robust South African snuff that has a reputation for its strength. This well fermented blend of local virginia and rustica cultivars compromise the backbone of this powerhouse. The tobacco, when freshly tinned, gives of a very pungent aroma due to residual ammonia from fermentation, it is suggested to let the contents "air out" by leaving the cover off and letting the spirits evaporate. The stink, being a sign of freshness, may be the price to pay to enjoy this wild African tiger but does abate after a few hours. The initial flavor is of pure tobacco that is imparted by its terroir and reveals a singular flavor.

Unlike his brother blue, this blend of shredded leaves has been fermented with special attention to tabacum rustica for its potent nicotine benefits. Due to the coarseness of the grind, it is easy to take with little to no irritation. The color is dark, almost black and is very moist which delivers an extreme rush of pleasure that outperforms his brother blue. and cousin green, and delivers a memorable wallop of nicotine as well as flavor in every pinch. Be warned fellow snuffers, this one is real.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Olympus (Allentown, US)
Intense nic hit

Very good snuff if you want to quit smoking. wicked. smells like straight snatch.

C.S. (Robersonville, US)
Good Stuff

Purchased a plethora of snuff recently, for some reason I was most excited about this snuff. It is likely because I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, all the reviews saying it has barnyard scent and ammonia which I already know I am fond of. I am very pleased with my experience it delivered what I expected. I could actually use a little more manure smell to be honest.

simon alore (Kamloops, CA)
Super Snuff???

Much like ordering a taxi in real life this snuff was unimpressive. After reading reviews I was expecting a strong, pungent, ammonia/barnyard scented snuff. Unfortunately I don't seem to get any of that. This is a very coarse, and moist snuff which reminds me of Copenhagen dipping tobacco. I really wanted to like this but it's just too boring. If you are looking for a great plain snuff with substantial vitamin N then do yourself a favor and purchase a tin of Thor's Hammer instead.

Justin Reynolds (Fort Bragg, US)
Wow! they arent kidding when they say SUPER snuff!!!

This snuff blew my socks off!!! dont let that barnyard odor people are talking about scare you away from this one you would be totally missing out, because its actually a very pleasant grassy slightly horse/cow poopy smell but not in a bad way if that makes sense i cant explain without you trying it but it really is nice and there is a natural tobacco smell that i think people will really enjoy i know i certainly do. The nicotine on this one is absolutely phenomenal. In my honest opinion this is the strongest snuff ive tried, and ive tried most of the heavy hitters, still need to try NTSU black and kendal brown though haha. As soon as I sniff a nice pile of this snuff i feel an instant head change and a change within my body its a definite pleasant nicotine buzz.

Matt C (Newmarket, CA)

No one is mentioning the strange fruity smell. I don't really like this but I will finish my 25g because the high nicotine is a redeeming quality.