SNUV Rusty Nail 15g

SNUV Rusty Nail 15g

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Snuv Rusty Nail is another in the Rusty Range. In case you don't know, the Rusty Range is a collection of snuffs made from 100% sun dried Rustica tobacco in a range of flavors. Rustica is a high quality, strong, full bodied tobacco and one of the primary tobaccos used in nasal snuff. It is several orders of magnitude better (and more expensive) than cigarette tobaccos, which are generally of low quality.

Snuv Rusty Range is unapologetic about being a fantastic snuff. Grown, dried, ground and flavored to our exact specifications in India by the premier snuff manufacturer on the continent: 6 Photo. Our close relationship means we get the finest tobaccos and the utmost care is taken at every step of the process. This is why we are happy to attach our name, our brand, and our reputation.

Snuv Rusty Nail is another collaboration that does not fail to excite. With the bomb-proof foundation of Rustica leaves, mostly Ligero from the top of the tobacco plant, the leaves are smaller and have received more sunlight than the rest. Why? High nicotine of course.

The Snuv Rusty Nail flour is subsequently flavored with a beautifully tempered mix of menthol, camphor and eucalyptus in the tradition of McChrystal's Original and Genuine, except it kicks harder and for longer..

While not a beginner snuff, except for the foolhardy, intermediate snuffers and above will likely find this a wonderful addition to the daily rotation.

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Original Mandingo (Lambeth, GB)
SNUV Rusty Nail "Top notch"

The champions snuff. Great nic and scent. Fan-fabbi-dosie, Excellent in the words of Mortal Kombat.
Get it and thank me later.

Nate (Salem, US)
Phenomenal - A Must Try

This is extremely well balanced. This is a great first Menthol to try. As other reviews have said, the menthol is on the softer side. The eucalyptus is not overpowered, it cools just enough. The camphor, menthol and rustica base blends so well into a lingering vanilla, in a woody and floral kind of way. It smells natural. Other reviews have said there is a funkiness to it, and that generally is the camphor scent. I'd describe it as a floral vanilla with wood undertones. Grind and moisture is great. Nicotine is wonderful, you'll feel your hands get a little sweaty. Well done.

Run_Hike_Meat_Repeat (Barnsley, GB)
Easy going for Frequent Use

Pleasing, and easy going aroma and sensation. No eye-watering assault on the senses. Ideal for frequent use. Bit more floral than I'm accustomed to but a good choice for when I don't need a big hit.
Excellent service from Mr Snuff as always.

M.T. (Springfield, US)
Interesting and very nice

There is a funkiness to the flavor/scent that is unlike any other snuff I have ever had. To me the scent is like that of the unfinished basement of an old building. In a good way. I also get a mild menthol sensation and a decent dose of nicotine. I like it.

Kevin Belcher (Miamisburg, US)
The best of the best.

I am still new to nasal snuff, but this is one of my go-to snuffs. I recently quit smoking and find that this snuff, with its medicated hit and prolonged release of nicotine, does wonders for me. It's easy on the nose and has everything to keep me happy.