SNUV Iron Throne 15g

SNUV Iron Throne 15g

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Snuv Iron Throne is another in the Rusty Range.

In case you don't know, the Rusty Range is a collection of snuffs made from 100% sun dried Rustica tobacco in a range of flavors. Rustica is a high quality, strong, full bodied tobacco and one of the primary tobaccos used in nasal snuff. It is several orders of magnitude better (and more expensive) than cigarette tobaccos, which are generally of low quality. Rustica from India is used in many of today's well known brands of snuff. The tobacco is grown, dried and ground into flour then shipped over to various "manufacturers" in the UK and elsewhere to be flavored and branded in house. Not to burst any bubbles but the likes some known brands operate in this way. The snuffs are good, it is just a little bit disingenuous to imply the whole process is done in-house.

Snuv Rusty Range is apologetically a fantastic snuff, grown, dried, ground and flavored to our exact specifications in India by the premier snuff manufacturer on the continent: 6 Photo. Our close relationship means we get the finest tobaccos and the utmost care is taken at every step of the process. This is why we are happy to attach our name, our brand, and our reputation.

It is a little known fact that beneath the Iron Throne in Westeros is a fairly large snuff box. By tradition a pound or so of snuff flavored with peppermint and spearmint is located there for communal use. Naturally most commoners are reluctant to take a dose in case they are accused of 'pinching' it. Hence it is pretty much reserved for the nobility who, it has to be said, sample the wares almost to excess.

And who can blame them. Snuv Iron Throne is a magnificent, full bodied snuff. Foreboding in the front of the nose, giving a gentle sting to show who is in charge, followed by a mellow mint follow through. It is as delicious as it is strong. Minty, hint of pepper of course, but not over-bearing. You could almost believe the snuff was manipulative, but that would be paranoid, so hush that thought.

If it is good enough for the powers that be in Game of Thrones, who are we to argue. Get some. You don't want Cersei Lannister after you now do you?

Available in a convenient 15 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
J.S. (Seattle, US)
New favorite

This stuff is crazy good. I bought a bunch of snuff from on here and got a massive shipment to try multiple new flavors. My only regret is not buying more of this iron throne. All time favorite.

Nate (Salem, US)
Simply Extravagant

This is my first spearmint snuff, and this is outstanding. Dark rustica base flour, good nicotine, The lingering spearmint scent is intoxicating as it just opens up your nose with a powerful cooling sensation. It's not sneezy. There is no burn, just cool, and no ammonia. The cooling sensation is a little bit different than menthols. This is a must try.

Sheldoon (Ottawa, CA)
Snuv does it again.

I ordered this snuff based on my enjoyment of Rusty Trombone, and the description. After the first bump was hooked on the spearmint and base tobacco, then the burn was present but the mint stays around to make this an absolutely delightful product. Well worth a go.

Kiefy (Palm Coast, US)
Excellent very minty

Feels like icicles of spearmint in your nose. Great nicotine hit from the rustica. Great moisture which sits well in the nose.

C. (Chicago, US)
Shotgun blast of pleasure for the snozz

This is going to be a new favorite. I took a good sized box car in each nostril and what settled in my mustache numbed my top lip. Needless to say, the menthol in Iron Throne is a kick in the head. The initial burn was minimal, but only if you keep it in the front of the nose. I tried to Scarface my second hit amd that was a little intense but still very pleasurable. I'm going to have to try the entire lineup now.