Snuv Hemlock 10g
Snuv Hemlock 10g

Snuv Hemlock 10g

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Easy peasy lemon squeezy
Nah, that doesn't quite fit.
'Really 'effin' hard apricot squeezy'.
More accurate but no rhyme.
Take your pick. Either way this has the aroma of slightly thyme medicinal with lemony apricot fairy washing up liquid mixed in…..in a nice way (don't judge me). That Ahh so nice fresh clean smell. The lemony apricot smell subsides and purer, real-fruit apricot along with the herbs will become more pronounced. You'll detect (hopefully) the aroma of wild sage, turmeric and wild dill emerging, along with a hint of pine and hardwood. Yes, you'll have to wait for your nostrils to start functioning again. Be patient you animal

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  • Grind: very fine
  • Moisture: dry as a bone
  • Strength: Very strong
  • Menthol: No

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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SnuffHouse Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Robbie Amhaz (Melbourne, AU)
Chilli Challenge How bout Hemlock challenge

One word Pungent.
I don't know what to say but a mixture of pleasure and pain at the same time.
Its like inhaling powdered perfume laced with Nico & Chilli.
Flames will come out of your nostrils and your eyes will water for the next 20 mins and then wait for the residue to trickle down the back of your throat.
The heat will stay in your nostril for quite some time and the aroma of fragrant herbs will linger on even longer.
Not a favourite but good for the odd pump just to experience the burn and Nico hit.

Adam Mobley (Nixa, US)
Ooh Shitt!

Hold on tight n try n not to involinterly Cry too much and you will a least a couple Of tear's. Once you've maned up and get yourself's a tin of this alustrous nutbusting theater of joyful pain. Why this super octane apricot floor cleaner with a dash of nasal stripping lemon will cure all your worries and depression's. It'll make you feel alive again! an probably question your moral compass, Enjoy.

Lee Davis (Providence, US)
Spicy Pledge on Mahogany

You ever polish a nice dining room table or roll top desk with lemon Pledge and bask in the aroma above the glossy wood? This hits like that if you also cut a line on the freshly shined wood. Incredibly satisfying and nostalgic.

Zack Bickham
The hemlock

I was unable to say it any other way then wowing it's a vary nice cologne smell with a bit of cocaine to the dome rush behind it vary nice burn opens up the passage ways highly recommend.

William Cashell (Walnut Creek, US)

Well, who ever said floor clear hit the nail on the head. Wtf is up with that scent. People complain when I open it. Instant fits of coughing and a feeling of sufficing on solvent combined near fatal amounts of nicotine. Strangely , not for me. Maybe not irredeemable thought. Mixed it with some FUBAR non tobacco menthol and it was cool. Still hurt the nose.,I’ll finish it. It’s ok.,just wow, tone that shit down and maybe moisten it. The Rigor Mortis was much better