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SNUV Black Eye 15g

SNUV Black Eye 15g

Lachhman Dass

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Snuv Black Range is a perfectly balanced blend of Rustica and Virginia tobaccos.

The color of the snuff is almost black. A fairly coarse grind along the lines of classic Bayern Prise German snuff, with a dash of paraffin oil which gives these snuffs their distinctive fluffy feel and also helps prevent the moisture from drying out.

Snuv Black Eye is an excellent follow on from the very popular Limited Edition Snuv Nutty Joe. Where Nutty Joe is a hazelnut flavored coffee, Snuv Black Eye is all about the strong black coffee goodness for the purists among us.

When you first crack the tin open, Black Eye is unmistakably a coffee snuff. The aromas are intoxicating, like a perfectly dark roasted batch of Bali Blue Moon from the fertile volcanic Kintamani Highlands of Bali.

Time for a pinch.

Snuv Black Eye snuff hits the nose like deep dark strong brewed coffee packed with complex Arabica coffee aromas: exotic, rich (almost syrupy) body with hints of organic single farm dark chocolate cocoa, Madagascar vanilla bean, light citrus and a hint of nuttiness.

If black coffee snuff is your thing, you will not be disappointed. Snuv Black Eye snuff is their attempt to be the best of the bunch, and in our opinion they have hit the jackpot.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James Keep (Terre Haute, US)
Black and Strong

WOW. This is without a doubt, a masterpiece. Black and Strong, like a fine dark roast coffee. As soon as you open the tin, you are greeted with the lovely aroma of freshly ground coffee and a hint of vanilla, cocoa, and caramel. Fluffy and sits in the nose softly, developing more character, and flavor, the longer you leave it. I cannot recommend this snuff, enough.

adam boolen (Pahrump, US)
Snuv black eye

The best coffee snuff you'll ever try if you can handle the serious fermented scent of viginia rustica which could leave new snuff takers for a definite surprise

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Niederegger Marzipan

Coarsely black and wonderfully salty, Black Eye is similar to Bernard’s “Magic Moments” without the cherry taste of Black Forest cake. Its flavour profile is a combination of chocolate, coffee, almond paste and vanilla supported by an undertone of ammonia that holds it all together. More North German than Bavarian, it tastes like Niederegger Marzipan, which hails from Lübeck. Wonderful with Kaffee und Kuchen, Black Eye’s high nicotine content awakens the senses and helps carry you through the afternoon doldrums.