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Sir Walter Scott's Moro Moro

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Customer Reviews

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Wild Alaska
Not Seville at all

Most of the reviews for this are way off in my opinion. Way off. The added flavors, are not discernible as such. At all. The tobacco is the absolute star of this show. Front and center. The tobacco isn’t dark IMO either. Medium at best. Pontefract Priory is dark. Moro Moro smells and looks like light and medium mixed. I don’t know a lot about it, just seems like that’s how it would be classified as Moro Moro is very light next to Pont Priory.

The aroma out of the tin is strong hay. Not orange. Not florals or citrus. Tobacco. Hay. Upon taking a large pinch up each, the immediate aroma is strong hay. Tobacco. Typical of lighter tobaccos (as far as I know).

Don’t get me wrong. Here’s the rest of it. The snuff is absolutely masterfully done. I think what’s going on here is that Johnny is such a master at what he does, the result is such a powerful, aromatic snuff, it stands completely on a level all alone at the top as far as I can tell. Not the next level either. It’s several levels above anything else IMO. It is not a perfumed snuff. It is not aromatic in a way that you will smell what’s in the description. You will smell the tobacco. Because that was the intention it appears, and it is masterfully done. Strong aroma that doesn’t fade. Strong nicotine. Will cure a craving for a smoke I guarantee it. Will buy again.

Johnny’s snuffs are several cuts above. This one is no exception. Just don’t expect Seville. This ain’t that. Seville is a cheap hooker next to Moro Moro.

Sir Walter Scott's Moro Moro Snuff 15g

Not bad, like most of Sir Walter Scott's snuffs, but not outstanding.

Sir Walter Scott's Moro Moro Snuff 15g

Very moist and very smooth snuff. The citrus notes stand out the most, but it's not over powering. Despite the coarse and moist grind, it stays well in the nose.
This and the thrice brewed are my favorite SWS snuff's.

Sir Walter Scott's Moro Moro Snuff 15g

Slightly sweet at First then following that is an exquisite Orange's bouquet of citrus like Florals I can't name them all but they're wonderful High nicotine level the flavor lingers for quite a long time very enjoyable snuff once again this was made by a Master's Hand thought love and craftsmanship was definitely put into this one as with all Sir Walter Scott's I'm finding excellent snuff.

Sir Walter Scott's Moro Moro Snuff 15g

Because of all the discussion of bergamot and orange flavorings, I was expecting something more along the lines of an SP. Perhaps this is more akin to the antique snuffs which evolved into the modern SP. Anyway, the results are excellent. Good nicotine delivery, even with the relatively coarse grind. A bit more moist than other SWS offerings, but still relatively easy to take, although somewhat more troublesome to clean out of the nose than its siblings. Great flavor and overall snuffing experience. Highly recommended, although I'm not sure it would be enjoyable as an everyday snuff; perhaps more of a boutique offering for occasional savoring.