Sir Walter Scott's Latakia Blend


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Finely ground, fermented Latakia tobacco blended with a little first priming flue cured Virginia Lemon leaf, to create a unique, silky, slightly moist, peppery high nicotine snuff with an intense smokey flavour.

Named after the port of the same name in northern Syria, Latakia tobacco is now mainly produced in Cyprus, where the harvested leaves are first sun dried like other Turkish tobaccos and then smoke cured over smouldering aromatic wood fires.

Traditionally used as a 'condiment' or 'blend'  in Oriental pipe mixtures, the process of creating Latakia tobacco was discovered by accident in the middle of the 19th century. After a bumper crop, peasant farmers hung the excess tobacco in the rafters of their homes through the winter and in the spring, smoke from their open fires was found to have imbued the leaves with the famously deep, rich, smokey, peppery characteristics

NB: As with any natural tobacco product, artisan nasal snuff can be susceptible to mould if it is not stored correctly. All of our snuffs are heat treated before packing to ensure an indefinite shelf-life whilst in the original, unopened containers. Our snuffs are traditionally made without chemical preservatives and we recommend that once opened the snuffs should be kept in the tightly closed brand container and stored in a refrigerator. Only decant using a clean, dry implement.

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