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Singleton's 5g

Singleton's 5g


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A refreshing and aromatic smokeless product, perfect for beginners. Made with a blend of Virginia and Rustica tobacco, it offers a medium nicotine level and a medium grind for easy use. The mentholated flavor adds a spicy, earthy, and fragrant touch to this light brown, moist snuff.

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Singleton's 5g
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Customer Reviews

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Kiefy (Palm Coast, US)
Pretty good

Course ground and lightly mentholated. Pretty strong nicotine that creeps up on you, like some course snuffs do. Menthol hits well at first but dissipates quickly, letting the tobacco come through. No burn at all for me.

Jeremy Loring (East Greenbush, US)
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Menthol forward, horse sh$! barn yard hay scent on the back end. Ok joking aside. The base flower comes through hard on this one. Almost a coffee ground scent on the after drip. Not for everyone but good.

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Not For Everyone But Still Very Worthwhile

I have worked my way through two very different tins of Singleton's Super M to this point, and I tend to feel that it is a very good snuff, but it is likely not for everyone. Compared to many of the other Sharrow mentholated snuffs, Singleton's has a more restrained menthol presence and instead tends to highlight the base tobacco. The snuff is coarsely ground, dark, and of medium-low moisture. It delivers a noticeable yet not overwhelming menthol presence that underscores impressions of earth, hay, peat, smoke, wood, and leather. Something of a metallic tang can be picked up on the back end. The nicotine presence is powerful. Singleton's is a high nicotine snuff, and it is more than capable of knocking you flat if you go at it hard and fast. Overall, I feel that this is a snuff that is well worth a try, though it is more than a bit old-fashioned and requires some patience to fully appreciate.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)

I’ve been lingering over this tin of Singleton’s Super M for the better part of two weeks now; never really moving-on despite my backlog of snuffs to taste. Elusive when addressed directly, it haunts the senses when you ignore it. Vintage like an antiquarian bookshop, it tastes of menthol, manure and saw dust. First manufactured in 1870 by Singleton & Cole of Birmingham, it is now produced by Wilson’s of Sharrow by agreement with their successors and assigns. Moist and mild, it is a clean menthol snuff without camphor or burn. Simple, deep and melancholic, it is like sipping a mint julep while quarantined in a dark and lonely room with Dolores O’Riorden of “The Cranberries” singing Bertolt Brecht’s “3 Penny Opera” in the background.

Singleton's 25g

This is a darker blend of tobacco along the lines of santo domingo, but instead of oils or florals it has a sharp menthol. I get a slight sour note (air cured virginia?) and lots of tobacco. This is a particularly good snuff with an earthy note. Nicotine is about medium and the menthol level is just right. This snuff just says "old fashioned" to my nose and I really enjoy it!