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Fribourg & Treyer Santo Domingo 5g Tap Tin

Fribourg & Treyer Santo Domingo 5g Tap Tin


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A unique smokeless experience with a blend of Virginia and Oriental tobacco, featuring floral, smokey, and earthy notes. The dark brown, medium grind snuff is slightly moist and offers a medium nicotine level. Perfect for intermediate users looking for a new and exciting nasal snuff.

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Fribourg & Treyer Santo Domingo 5g Tap Tin
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Fribourg & Treyer Santo Domingo 5g Tap TinFT100
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Customer Reviews

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Mike (Montreal, CA)
The Perfect Substitute for a Cigar

This is my first F&T and I must say that I'm extremely impressed. I'm a fan of tobacco-forward snuffs and the Santo Domingo certainly doesn't disappoint. The grain is dark and a bit coarser than what I've been used to in the past, but the aroma is rich and complex. Extremely earthy and slightly smoky, but there's also a slight aroma of aged cheese at the end that I find very appealing.

J.V. (Charles Town, US)

I have been doing a lot of menthol snuff lately. This snuff is dark and earthy with a coarse grind. It definitely has smoky tones to it. Love this when drinking coffee. Nicotine is present and last longer than other brands I have tried. Definitely will purchase again.

Strawalker (Brampton, CA)
Super moist enjoyable snuff

This snuff although a finely ground very dark snuff is so moist it's a bit difficult to get up your nose. Once you've get your pinches in though your hit with a pleasant, earthy tobacco aroma that is reminiscent of some pipe tobaccos I've enjoyed as well as a kind of woodsy day after a campfire smell that is very enjoyable. A small amount of front drip and little to no back drip which when present is quite salty and a little bitter. Good but not overwhelming nicotine. I like it I received this sample gratis courtesy of Mister Snuff's customer support points, thank you very much, but wouldn't hesitate to purchase this lovely snuff again. Very nice snuff.

Michael Dmytryszyn (Goochland, US)

Incredible snuff. Super coarse and moist grind is unique, scent is very strong and interesting, its an earthy base with a light floral note thats very pleasant. Really enjoy this with some sweet wine, and one of my favorites. I do it mostly at home though, F&T tins are very loose and this ones a bit messy.

Come to Appreciate

At first, I didn't find this snuff appealing at all. After a few days though, I've begun to appreciate it. It is very complex, at first I just got a dark, fusty tobacco scent from it. Now, I get cedarwood and something bitter and floral. Reviews describe it as violet. The finish is leathery, it reminds me of Toque's Berwick Brown. Good, antique smelling snuff. Quite high in nicotine.