Samuel Gawith Madagascan 25g

Samuel Gawith Madagascan 25g

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Samuel Gawith Madagascan is a discriminating mixture of tobacco and spice. The leafy base is a composite of rustica and virginia which provide a rich flavor that has the lead role. Vanilla is the supporting actor in this play but provides an award winning performance. This snuff's mid brown flour is fairly coarse with a mid moist texture and produces a very slight burn and a moderate nicotine jolt. The reward from this powdered delight is the subtle relaxing effect of a Madagascan breeze.

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Michael O'Grady (Oldbury, GB)

Samuel Gawith Madagascan 25g

Robert Lettieri (Bellmore, US)

Very course, very moist , great tobacco flavor with a HINT of vanilla . Very similar to black arabica of the same brand but with vanilla. I would buy this again .

Tylar (Chula Vista, US)
Ewwwww disgusting

By far the worst flavor I have had. The grind is like a course coffee bean. The smell is like wood and tobacco. It actually feels like you are snuffing wood

Great Snuff

Darker brown tobacco, moist, the subtle vanilla scent never overpowers, and fades fairly fast, yet this is a very nice snuff. The tobacco is rich, but the flavor is mellow and nuanced. I would think this a perfect snuff fo beginners as well as veteran snuff-takers. This rates a solid GREAT.

Warm and Creamy

This is my "keep it with me in the pocket blend". The vanilla is not overpowering but rather dark and rich. I suppose the words warm and creamy come to mind; an absolute pleasure from SG. Gladly recommend for new imbibers!