Samuel Gawith Elmo's Reserve 25g

Samuel Gawith Elmo's Reserve 25g

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Samuel Gawith Elmo's Reserve is the creation requested by an influential customer to commemorate his faithful canine, Elmo. The recipe calls for a special ingredient- tonquin beans. This unusual element imparts a very particular flavor to the tobacco that can be described as spicy and floral. There are hints of vanilla, dried desert fruit and almonds that create a memorable bouquet. The moisture is medium, the color is dark brown and the grind is medium coarse. There is little nose burn but ample nicotine and a long lasting aroma. This is a one of a kind snuff, do not hesitate to try some but beware it can be quite moreish.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Quite Versatile

This is by far my favorite scented snuff.
It has notes of leather, vanilla, tobacco & a hint of boot polish.
It's very dark & moist, almost black, the moistness is great for blending with other snuffs that are extremely dry but it is not too moist to take on its own.
This snuff has a lasting scent, unlike some others that are nice for a minute then fade into obscurity. It will pair well with chocolate, fruits, coffee or even some dark spirits it really is quite versatile.
The nicotine content, while adequate could be higher & I often blend it with a dry snuff with higher nicotine content. Which gives the best of both worlds, great scent & higher strength, while the dry & moist combination makes for a lighter fluffier not moist but not dry snuff.

Courtland Hoose (Anchorage, US)
Best snuff around

This is by far my favorite snuff. It is making my mouth water just thinking about it. Just the right amount of vanilla and sweetness. I just shovel it in.

Bravo SG!

This is by far my favorite go to snuff! It has a sweet Tonquin Bean aroma which smells a lot like vanilla. It is a dark snuff with a medium grind. Furthermore, it carries a pretty decent nicotine hit. I carry a 25 gram tin on me at all times! Bravo SG!


Very nice snuff. In my opinion a bit sweet to be an all day snuff but a perfect after dinner relaxer. The scent reminds me exactly like amaretto di sorrano liqueur. Tis very nice in deed.

Floral and Fruity

This is a nice change of pace snuff. Definitely not an all day one, I seem to enjoy it most in the evening after dinner. It's apparently 1792 flake which I would agree as it's one of my favourite pipe tobaccos. There's a dark cherry, dark chocolate, tonquin, leather, earth, with sg's rich dark tobacco taste. Nicotine is a good level and gives a good nose pulse that builds. Also other scents I would describe as a shoe Polish kind of smell but in a good way. It's quite complex and a nice change of pace from the typical floral or sp or fruit flavours.