Poschl Schneeberg Weiss 10g

Poschl Schneeberg Weiss 10g

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Poschl Schneeberg Weiss is the perfect segue from one snuff to another. This mentholated fructose seems to clear the sinus and blank the slate for the upcoming change of pleasures. Alternately, it can offer an anesthetic and medicated relief to blocked passageways while providing a refreshing blast of Mentha. This is very handy to have when needed, also comes in a reusable and elegant glass jar. A useful addition for the serious snuffer.

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10

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This is the best snuff I've tried even if I'm new to the game

Christian Paim (Arlington, US)
The Schnee

Always liked this brand; the taste, texture, smell.. she's all there. Heard of Mr. Snuff and saw they offered it at a much lower price than what I had gotten this for in the past, so I figured I would try it from them. No issues at all with shipping. Took a little over a week to get from the UK to New England and the package was not damaged in the slightest. 5/5 would recommend and would buy again.

Donna B (Marydel, US)
Poschl Schneeberg Weiss - Refreshing

I ordered quite a few different varieties and over half were too 'perfumey'. Three of them stood out and Schneeberg was my favorite. I literally threw the others out into the yard and ordered more Schneeberg.

SC (Monticello, US)
Schneeberg Weiss

Love this. Very pleasant and it's not overpowering at all. Nice refreshing menthol. Good for an everyday.

Poschl Schneeberg Weiss 10g

Lovely... Bottle is exquisite along with the velvety white non tobacco snuff. Refreshing indeed with MINTY notes not overpowering very balance. I find myself most pleased with this nose candy. I agree with others use discreetly if out more suitable in the privacy of your choosing. Ordered 2 bottles ordering a third. Definitely pleasurable and quite the conversation piece for those who may quickly assume um... something else. Cheers!

Bebe Cigara St Cistar