Poschl MacCraig Royal 7g

Poschl MacCraig Royal 7g

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Poschl MacCraig Royal has a schmalzler like tobacco background that is reminiscent of bergamot with a spicy blend of nutmeg, anise and clove bouquet that recedes to the background and finally a blossom of menthol that is refreshing, not sickly sweet. The grind is moist, fluffy, easily clumped in a pinch and mild in the nose. The nicotine is respectable and definitely activates the endorphins. Another fine Anglo-Germanic paring.

Available in a convenient 7 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
R.G. (Brooklyn, US)
A lovely mild snuff.

Easy to take, smooth, rich, and with just enough herbal flavor to give you a bit of a kick. The zip of menthol fades in a moment or two, leaving a lingering scent of summer fruit. Clears the sinuses a treat and doesn't make your eyes water, which is a tough balance to get right. The tin is nicely airtight but it takes a little practice to use the lid thingy well. Probably one I'd decant into a box just because the bright orange is a little flashy for my taste, but very nice nonetheless. One of my favorites.

Diego Pastora (Oakland, US)
Fruity and minty

This right here is great everyday snuff. I like this one especially in the morning and mid afternoon. Has a good citrus smell and the menthol kick is great. The nicotine definitely lasts long too.

Poschl MacCraig Royal 7g

Much like ozona president, this is a little less menthol, but no eucalyptus. This has a very light fruit (peach) in the background, but you must hunt for it to notice it. Very good snuff.

Poschl MacCraig Royal 7g

One of my favorite Poschl's! It's similar to President, but a bit more accessible in my opinion. It has the same great tobacco base, but the herby, spiced scent is less intense. A+

Poschl MacCraig Royal 7g

This snuff reminds me of ozona president .. thats a good thing... Very easy to snort.. rich dark flavor.. My bosses favorite also..