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Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g

Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g


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Experience a refreshing and flavorful mentholated nasal snuff with Poschl Bayern Prise. Made with a blend of Brazilian, Virginia bright, and oriental tobaccos, this medium brown snuff offers a woodsy, spicy, and sweet aroma. Its medium coarse grind and slightly moist texture make it easy to use, perfect for beginners. Enjoy a medium nicotine hit without the smoke.

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Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g
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Customer Reviews

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Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g

Raisin bran for the nose. Contrary to the description, this is not a schmalzer-snuff mix. This is a mentholated schmalzer. It is also the maltiest schmalzer I have ever tried. Strong nicotine, coarse ground, dark and chocolatey. This smells exactly like raisin bran with menthol. I have yet to try a poschl that I have not liked, and this is no exception. Absolutely wonderful and I will greedily devour my first tap box of it!

Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g

This is absolutely perfect. Best of both worlds for sure. Not too strong on the snuff and menthol side. The "Brasil" or Schmalzler flavors are prominent right after the short and mild menthol burst cleared the nose.

Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g

Very good hybrid schmalzler/snuff which is a nice rich,dark and moist tobacco. It has a sweet schmalzler smell with a light fresh menthol added. On the whole this is done very well and complements each other.

Very easy to take and enjoyable.

Joseph James
Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g

My first impression on tapping this out (visual) and using it-quality. There are many good snuffs out there but this one exudes quality and class.

A fluffy schmaltzer, it behaves well. I have had a few small pieces fall out, but overall it is not messy. Very easy to take.

Slight menthol note, but the other flavors dominate. I get chocolate, licorice, some leathery notes. The flavor is excellent.

If you are a beginning taker of nasal snuff this would be a good starter snuff. It does not burn, has a good flavor and the nicotine content is average.

I highly recommend this one, especially if you are new to snuff.

Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g

Holy moly this is a great snuff! Very dark in color and very moist. The scent is nice and sweet both in the box and especially in the nose. A must have for your collection and a great all day snuff. I prefer to use it as a sort of desert after dinner.