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Fribourg & Treyer Patch is predominantly floral in nature. The obvious dead-nettle is surrounded by an earthy, almost ammonia smell that finishes with an undertone of sweet mint. This concoction stands out as convivial to sniff with little to no burn and medium moisture, yet provides a substantial nicotine clout. Can easily become part of your starting rotation. Enjoy a pinch today.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Straw Market

On Mount Fitzwilliam, overlooking Nassau Harbour, stands Government House, the official residence of the Governor General of the Bahamas. From 1940-1945, here lived the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, during his tenure as Royal Governor. If you walk from its gates on Duke Street down George Street to Bay Street, you will come across the Nassau Straw Market. With its mixture of mint, patchouli, talcum and moth balls, Patch smells exactly like that part of the city. Very high in nicotine and of medium moisture this burn-less snuff offers quite an adrenaline rush. To quote Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: “buy the ticket, take the ride”.

Variety, the spice of life

I would disagree with the other reviewer on this. I totally smell the patchouli scent. But perhaps they are used to an artificial patchouli cause there are lots of those. This smells like something you would buy from an entrepreneurial "head" at your local jam band festival. Very earthy. There is some other stuff going on. Doesn't smell exactly like patchouli oil. But it is very strong. Maybe even stronger patchouli scent than I've smelled before. I love it. I'm not the biggest fan of patchouli myself and hardly wear it but this is a really good take on it. Pleasant. Lasts a while too. But not too long. Feeds my nic craving slightly, but suffieciently I'm not exactly a good judge of that cause i think I've a high tolerance. Seems to be good quality tobacco and wasnt too dry in the small tap tin as one of the ones i got from F&T was. Highly recommended to those that like to try something different

Fribourg & Treyer Patchouli 20g

This Patchouli Snuff is very good and something a bit unexpected, it is not a "Hippie" type of Patchouli IMO but is earthy and a bit "dirty" which may be attributed to the tobacco base. Typical WoS grind so is a bit dry, fluffy and powdery. Wish more Snuffs were available in these type of scents and would LOVE something like this in a Schmaltzer.

Complex Cooling Treat

First off, if you read the name and think "unwashed hippies at a rock music festival," you're sadly misled. This is not the scent of cheap patchouli oil sold in street kiosks. "Fetid dreadlocks?" Please.

The characteristic scent of this one is a fresh, peppery mint laid over a soft sandalwood base with woody overtones. Believe me, I'm not a fan of the "hippie stink" associated with cheap patchouli, and this one couldn't be farther from that. Of all the Freiborg & Treyer snuffs, this one provides the coolest sensation in the nose of all the snuffs in their range. An all-day snuff? No, but as a complex, cooling treat it has no equal.

Not a Fan

Okay imagine going to Glastonbury, and having the most unkempt crusty insert a fetid dreadlock into your nostril for several hours. Such is the aroma of this snuff. F&T are some of the most subtly perfumed snuffs on the market, but this one is far too pungent for public consumption, unless you are some kind of anarchist protesting some world bank or another. Not only can you not get rid of the scent, it permeates you to the point where people'e eyes tear up next to you on the tube.