Ozona O-Type (Orange) 5g

Ozona O-Type (Orange) 5g

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Ozona O-Type is reminiscent of a summertime treat like ice cold orange soda or a frozen Popsicle. This blend provides an immediate burst of blood orange laying on top of a bed of spicy mint. The tobacco taste is well camouflaged under the ripe fruity aroma of this snuff. Easy to take, moist and mid colored with a middling jolt of vitamin N. A very nice introductory snuff or a good choice to cleanse the palette for something more robust. Enjoy!

Available in a convenient 5 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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M.A. (Brooklyn, US)
Really nice

I was surprised. As a new snuff user, I tried it as an experiment to see if I would like fruit snuffs. I haven't liked all the fruits but this one was really good. Orange and menthol nicely combined. I bought a second tin.

John DORTON (Concord, US)
Omg yes

I am very new to snuff, this is the fourth one I've tried, but I will be ordering the 10 pack. Convenient and I love the taste and aroma

Connor Tihey (Phoenix, US)

The menthol is super strong in this one, opens ya right up, still smooth tho and good for beginners or casual users with a convenient can as well

T. Vee (Dallas, US)

This is a great snuff!!!!

Douglas Reed (North Charleston, US)
Honestly a bit gross

So I was interested to try a fruity snuff and decided to give this one a shot. I get the menthol hit first and foremost and once I finally found the orange note I came to an unpleasant realization.. the sweetness in the scent is extremely similar to rotting fruit. To me the very faint orange in this product smells EXACTLY like an orange that's turned to mush. It's like sniffing a sweat soaked gym sock with an orange rind in it. I've had a couple other German snuffs that have a similar sweaty, funky undertone, so I'm sure it's not just my tin. Not sure if this is the strain of tobacco they use, or how they cure it or what, but it is pretty unpleasant and once you notice it that's all you'll be able to smell. The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is cause it comes in a very nice all metal twist tin that I will absolutely be reusing for something more palatable