Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Tight 10g

Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Tight 10g

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Powerful but well rounded and flavorful chewing tobacco blend with a strong and cooling wintergreen flavor.
Extremely strong nicotine experience in dry chewing portion bags and with lower tobacco moisture. Runs even less than regular White bag sand keeps the flavor even longer.
Tight bag format with a comfortable and discreet fit behind the lip.

  • Form: Tight
  • Manufacturer: GN Tobacco
  • Product Type: White Dry Portion
  • Salt: 2.5 %
  • Nicotine level: 22 mg/g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Peter l. (Seattle, US)
Sweet wintergreen

I didn't know what to expect from this, since I hadn't had anything wintergreen flavored before. I was pleasantly surprised. A sweet flavor reminiscent of chewing gum. Long-lasting nicotine release. Highly recommended!

Charles Lindsay (Livingston, GB)
Great service and product

Really satisfied

Adam McCaffrey (Glasgow, GB)
Bag size

I thought the bag would be thinner. I am looking for a very thin style but haven’t found it yet. The taste was fine but I prefer the taste of the lakrits one and with the bags quite similar in size I would keep using the normal sized lakrits one instead