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Mullins and Westley Jock's Choice 20g

Mullins and Westley Jock's Choice 20g

Segar & Snuff

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Mullins and Westley  is a highly traditional and crafted blend of bergamot and neroli oil that is uniquely mixed as a medium to rich snuff that dates back to the 18th century. All within the form of the famous Jock's Choice, the recipe is based on a London best-loved formula that is over 300 years of age. A more historical based product with a stronger tobacco earthiness that's significantly balanced in terms of the flavoring and taste. A long lasting and enjoyable sensation from an old favorite.

Available in a convenient 20 gram container.
Also, you get a discount by the dozen.

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Mullins and Westley Jock's Choice 20g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Richard J. Hunt (Croydon, GB)
Best floral snuff ever!!!!

Not sure what made me try it since it is expensive compared to other tins. It is my all time favourite. It is slightly soapy scent at first but only lasts a few seconds before the floral notes really kick in

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Zakkthemaniac R (Lynchburg, US)
Love it! Love it! Love it!

Been waiting for jocks choice to come in stock. Got my package today and it's great. It was really crazy when I went outside that's when the scent notes started really popping off. Neroli oil, soapy, floral, beautiful base flower. Absolutely a favorite. Will be getting again soon and others. Thank you Mr snuff!!

S.C. (Edmonton, CA)
Simply Excellent

Well blended variety of light floral and some spice variety with a faint pinch of orange all moving around in there. That's how I took it. Medium to fine grind which is more than fine with me. Gives a slight burn with a medium Nicotine hit which I like, it's not over-powering. Jack's Choice is one of the top quality nasal snuff brands in my book, bar none, hands down.

Gerald Garrison (Floyds Knobs, US)
This is one of my favorites

I didn’t care for it the first time I tried it and was bummed that I bought 2 tins. I tried it again the next day and now I can’t stay out of it. This is always with me. I haven’t had this tin for 2 weeks yet and I’ve taken 3/4’s of it so far. If this is the only snuff I could get my hands on, from here on out, I would be more than happy. The base flower is wonderful, the Neroli oil so lovely and it has a vitamin N kick. You can’t go wrong.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Breakfast Snuff

Upon opening the tin, Jock’s Choice liberates aromas of leather, lemon and key-lime. After the initial warmth of uptake, bergamot, quinine and juniper get added to the mix. Of medium grind and nicotine levels, this perfumy snuff is well balanced and pleasant. Akin to digging into a ripe grapefruit first thing in the morning, Jock’s Choice is an important part of any nutritious breakfast.