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JNF Medicated Premium English Snuff 8g

JNF Medicated Premium English Snuff 8g

Janta Naswar

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Janta Medicated Premium English is a homage to high quality English snuffs. The marriage of Indian tobaccos and a spicy medicated bouquet reminiscent of a Victorian apothecary. Middle brown color with medium moisture and grind. The feeling in the nose is not overpowering and the burn is very tolerable. The nicotine level is satisfying and is similar to popular English brands. A comparison well worth trying.

Available in several convenient container sizes.

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JNF Medicated Premium English Snuff 8g
JNF Medicated Premium English Snuff 8gJN020
JNF Medicated Premium English Snuff 8gJN020
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jeff Wright (Hesperia, US)
Wow that is dry

Easy on your first bump very dry and pretty fine powder by my standards. Very nice otherwise if you like menthol and i do.

Justin zawojek (Columbus, US)
Premium English great 👍 snuff!!!

Great snuff indian snuff high quality 👌 👏 strong pinch blast 10 out of 10 hands down try some you won't be disappointed!!!!!!!

Dewayne (Richmond, US)
Misleading but good.

The name of this has you expecting something like McChrystal's O&G. Instead you get a fine, dry powder, that tastes of mild tobacco, cloves, camphor, only a tiny bit of menthol. It is good though. The is not so strong that you couldn't use it all day. Cool, sweet, and refreshing.

P.T. (Pittsburgh, US)
A nice spin on English snuff.

I was introduced to snuff in the late 1980's in Berlin. I was working a detail with the RAF and I was introduced to this mode of tobacco use. This was my first snuff since that time, and I was pleasantly surprised.

So much time had passed by since my last use, my nose was like a virgin in springtime. I was nervous because of the reputation of Indian snuff being very strong, but my fears were quickly put to rest.

When the can was first opened, I was greeted with the aroma of a small spice shop. A mixture of cinnamon and nag champa was my first impression. My first try was a pinch between my fingers. The texture was fine and velvety smooth, moderately dry but maintaining body when pressed.

In the nose, there was just a slight medicated burn, but very tolerable. The aroma turned to more of sandalwood and spice and finished in the back of my nasal cavity with a hint of floral perfume.

I was greeted with a moderate hit of vitamin 'n' that lasted perhaps twenty minutes. The drip into my throat was minimal, and it was sweet like apple jam.

I have loaded this into a bullet for my travels during the morning. It is quite enjoyable on my walks with my Labrador around the forest, and seems to bring me in closer harmony with nature. A very nice take on fine English snuff. Worth the appraisal.