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McChrystals Wee Dram 3.5g

McChrystals Wee Dram 3.5g


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McChrystal's Wee Dram warms the nostrils then proceeds to the spirit. This well blended tobacco provides an initial nip of heat quickly reverting into a warm and comforting sensation in the nose. The tobacco taste is well surrounded with aromas of dried fruits, sweet vanilla followed by notes of hazelnut or macadamia. The grind is medium fine, the moisture is intermediate and the endorphin hit is above average and sustained. This snuff should be treated with reverence and shared with friends and a fine Scotch.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Mini: 3.5 g.
Large: 8.75 g.
Tub: 200 g.
Also available by the dozen.

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McChrystals Wee Dram 3.5g
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McChrystals Wee Dram 3.5gMCC072
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lauren Carter (Wise, US)
Top notch

Of all the snuff I've tried this has been my favorite. I'm not sure about the description being accurate, I think it has a slight citrus in there, but regardless it's my go to more than any other.

Kiefy (Orlando, US)
Surprisingly good

This one surprised me. Thought would be super liquor scented, but it's not. It kinda has a candied orange scent in the background, like another reviewer said. The tobacco itself is very prominent in scent. You get some whisky smell, but not an alcohol scent, if that makes sense (not that rough smell as if you take a whiff of whisky straight from the bottle)

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)

Wee Dram is reportedly the McChrystal's take on a whisky-scented snuff, but it is difficult to compare it to any one whisky or style of whisky specifically. Scotch is the obvious comparison, but this snuff did not remind me of any specific whisky. The snuff presented with a medium-fine, slightly dusty grind and medium moisture or slightly lower. Once it hit the front of the nose, impressions of leather, toast, lemon peel, grass, oak, heather, peat, straw, iodine, sea salt, and vanilla were quick to emerge. Scents of macadamia, almond, chestnut, and walnut followed. It may just have been me, but I also routinely picked up on hints of honey, pine, cedar, and juniper lurking around the fringes. Nicotine content was more or less medium, perhaps a hair or two lower. The snuff was very easy to take but difficult to figure out. I'm still not certain that I was able to get much of a handle on it.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)

Wee Drams is a warm snuff with a mild burn, but only present right at the onset. Its flavours are subtle and well-balanced, with nothing too dominant that may overwhelm or cause any form of offense. There are hints of leather, vanilla and candied orange peel, which serve as a pleasant refreshment, which does not mask or alter the taste of any drink it is meant to accompany. Good with scotch, as it is not too sweet, it is a particularly fine pairing to an Old Fashioned. This inoffensive snuff is not the stuff of exotic locales, but rather, a visit, right down the street, to your favourite local speakeasy.

Sir CatsALot (Sechelt, CA)
Try a minor first!

Although I can see this pairing well with a whiskey on the rocks, it's flavor is subtle and hard to pin down. A bit nutty, a bit vanilla. Very mild. You will like be it or go "meh"