McChrystal's Assorted Large

McChrystal's Assorted Large

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Minor Sample Pack of 12. McChrystal's is offering a sample pack of assorted snuffs. The pack includes 12 different tins.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
J.D. (Gilroy, US)
Nice assortment

I can’t say I like them but this gave me a great idea for what I like . Now I can fine tune my taste ty

T.A. (Temecula, US)
Tried 2 so far!

I tried the highland ice, and mulled magic, both are good in different ways, ice is icy nice refreshing, magic is more of a clove type of snuff, trying the rest in near future, im sure they will each be enjoyable in a unique way!

N.D. (Los Angeles, US)

Best range of snuff I've had in over 30 years love going to order another

J.H. (Kilcoy, AU)
Only the best

Think I got the best range all the ones I wanted in one box you can’t go wrong

Eric (Houston, US)

Haven't tried em all yet, just arrived today. Got a mixed box of 12 in a sealed box with 12 individually sealed tins an no doubles in the box. Gonna take me forever to try em all but I'm new to snuff an this seemed like a good bang for the buck to try a ton of different kinds an not break the bank. I'm sure there'll be one or two I don't like but the mini 12 is cheap enough I don't feel bad about trashing one or giving one away if need be. All in all a good way to try em all.