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Minor Sample Pack of 12. McChrystal's is offering a sample pack of assorted snuffs. The pack includes 12 different tins.

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B.W. (Phoenix, US)
Great variety

There isn't a bad flavor in this bunch! They're all relatively mellow, I'd say, light to medium. I like some more than others but I opened them all when they came in and I can rotate between them every day or even twice a day. You can't go wrong with this sampler pack. Everything from mint to menthol to eucalyptus to "woody". Give it a try.

J.P. (Oklahoma City, US)
Great grab

Excellent as a little starter present to myself now I'm hooked((( I'm placing my second order now i have 20 cans in my damn basket lol... I received my goods in 10 days...Not bad from EU to MidWest US in less than two weeks

Nap Carlo (Liverpool, GB)
Over the moon

Wicked selection pack, wicked brand, so happy with my purchase!

Benjamin D. (London, GB)
Great price fast delivery.

Very pleased with my order, excellent products high quality fair price and fast delivery, I'll definitely be making further purchases in future.

Harrison Petrovick (Miami, US)
Perfect starter pack

Mcchrystal's is a quality brand worth your money, and this pack provides a good sample of different snuffs. If you only enjoy one or two flavors out of twelve, you've still gotten your money's worth.

I recommend starting with the Aztec. It's mild flavor and high moisture wont overwhelm a first time user. My favorites in the pack are aztec, highland ice, olde English, sunset, and star gazer.