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Fribourg & Treyer Macouba 500g

Fribourg & Treyer Macouba 500g


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A unique smokeless experience with a blend of Virginia and Oriental tobacco, infused with herbal, floral, and earthy notes. The fine grind and dry moisture make it easy to use, perfect for intermediate users looking for a low nicotine option.

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Fribourg & Treyer Macouba 500g
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Fribourg & Treyer Macouba 500gFT027
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Customer Reviews

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Like I said before

I poured a mountain out the first time size of my thumb nail . Hate and love these tins but they kick my ass sometimes but the burn is so nice .

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Barry Lyndon

Macouba is a village on the northern tip of Martinique where a mythical tobacco called Maccaboy is reputed to grow. William Makepeace Thackeray lauded it in his novels. Low in nicotine and of average moisture, this medium ground khaki-red snuff has a slight burn, right after intake. The natural aroma of rose in the tobacco made Maccaboy world famous. F&T’s version mixes-in the essences of rose, sandalwood and, to my nose, key lime. It is sweet and its combination of flavours make it taste like a Turkish Delight.

Floral Theme

A heavy rose over a lemon juice casing, this was my go to snuff for years until I started trying every other type of snuff I could get my hands on. It is really good, fine grained, and easy to take. Nicotine is on the low side, but hey, few snuff takers take snuff for the nicotine anyway. This is a good Fribourg & Treyer snuff to begin with, to get an idea of the scent profile of the company, as most are a variation on a floral theme.

A Botanical Garden

Having enjoyed snuff for well over 40 years I finally decided, after reading the descriptions, to try some new snuffs.
I have been fairly consistent with Poschl, Wilson's of Sharrow, President and other Ozona products over the years.

I ordered some Fribourg & Treyer as made by Wilson. I ordered 4 different types based on the descriptions and just opened and snorted my first: Macouba.

All that comes to mind are superlatives. This, after less than 1 minute of allowing it to settle in, became my instant favorite replacing Wilsons of Sharrow's Jasmine and Ozona President. It is near perfect and I have no clear idea of what perfect is, so perhaps this is it. A delicious floral with fruity overtones. A bit of a "hit" on the first pinch immediately settling into a bouquet that transcends the limits of my vocabulary. And, perhaps of equal importance, lasts.

I live in a desert and this snuff instantly turned the desert into a botanical garden.

I do not expect all to love it but I would suggest that all try it.

Floral Forward

Oooo, fancy. This is a superb perfumed snuff. Violet is the predominant scent to my novice nose, but there is quite a bit more to it. Lemon, hint of lavender, a healthy dose of talc. Overall this is a wonderful floral-forward perfume snuff, and I wish I would have gotten a larger size!