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Janta Punjabi 20g

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Janta Punjabi is a premium blended snuff that has a recognizable aroma. Rose and sandalwood are present and accompanied by an earthy and spicy scent that is traditionally Indian. The mix is medium coarse and quite moist. The nicotine hit is nice and this snuff is easy on the nose. Give it a try, it can easily become part of your rotation.

Available in several convenient container sizes.

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Jack Smyth (East Grinstead, GB)
Dirty tin, Pleasant smell.

This snuff came in a tin where the label was falling off. and the tin was quite rusty, I had to transfer it to another vessel. Otherwise it is very light. Very pleasant aroma. Not a heavy hitter, A touch of rose, with a whack of Sandalwood.

Pete Neiner (Avondale, US)
Sandalwood and….

Fresh urinal cake…. Imagine, putting on a splash of rustic sandalwood cologne and then taking a leak on a fresh urinal cake. That’s what it smells/ tastes like….. to me that is.

Larry Bump (Rushsylvania, US)
Very nice, gingerbread and incense

Mild, easy to take. Lovely aroma. This is probably my favorite Indian snuff that's not a menthol. I may like the Green Dragon or #66 medicated better. Great in the rotation; it's nice.

C. (Denver, US)
Quite Nice!

This snuff has a incense scent for sure, but as Squinty noted, has a hint of frankincense. Medium grind, quite moist and moderate nicotine, it’s a refreshing snuff, cooling in the nose. I first bought the 20 gram tin, but when I realized that I liked a lot, I switched to the 40 grammer. I don’t use it daily, but I always have a tin on hand. It’s oiled slightly, so it will not dry out. I don’t write many reviews but this one deserves another because it’s under the radar for the majority of newbies.

s.o. (Memphis, US)
i needed this///

great well done ....[[