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Janta Big Bull 50g

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Janta Big Bull is a fine offering. A truly Indian blend of smoke, spice and botanical unite to give this snuff a well rounded flavor but with lots of character. There is a slight mentholated taste in the background that compliments rather than dominates. It has a light color with a very fine grind that needs accurate pressure on the inhale and you risk some heat. The nicotine is present and packs a solid punch. Very enjoyable and honors its Naswar origins.

Available in several convenient container sizes.

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Kris (Houston, US)

The only Indian snuff I've had with almost no flavor. I do smell a not very strong citrus when I use a good amount but other than that it has no smell pretty strong as well

R. (Springfield, US)
The Big Bull cometh.

Unlike "Transmitted Disease" (Below) I find Big Bull is fucking amazing! TD was right there's a little blow back to the throat, But that's because it's a straight killer it's grind is dry n fluffy with a sillkyness to it, barely any burn, with a slight undertone of menthol that don't last but mere seconds, All this to end in a large Nicotine load to the inner skulls gray matter! Great snuff. Remember there's a Old saying here in the States "You mess with the Bull you get the Horns".

T.D. (Warren, US)
Annoying at worst, okay at best

This is for anyone who enjoys a medicated snuff with both strong flavor and strong nictonine. Helps to have a lot of accuracy when taking snuff.
The scent is fine, but the menthol tends to drown out the other notes of tobacco.
I would rate this higher, but unfortunately the grind is downright attrocious.
Somehow both too coarse and too fine, all at once. It gets stuck in a bullet, leading to a shotgun of throat pain once you manage to unplug the chamber. Nose plugging, snuff spoon, classic pinch, doesnt matter.
The result always seems to be a sudden blast of acrid dust right to the tonsils. Not for the faint of heart or those lacking in patience.

Just Browsing (Fareham, GB)
Very moreish

Heavy menthol is nice in the morning. English and German snuffs often hit the spot. But lately for me, the Indian snuffs really do it. Found this in one of the selection boxes, and I had to buy a larger pack, because its one of my goto snuffs if I'm binging, or having a few icy lagers. It doesn't clog the nose, I don't detect much menthol, the scent is definitely Indian but not too "barnyard". As seems the norm for Indian branded snuffs, the price is astonishing. Nicotine is not weak, but I'm a vitamin n fiend, and have no issues taking this several times an hour. 10/10 from me.