J & H Wilsons Top Mills 5g

J & H Wilsons Top Mills 5g

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J & H Wilson Top Mill is a snuff that is a faithful companion that never has a poor pinch to offer. Not only is this mixture milled at the top of the road, it is blended with the best tobaccos in a fashion that will please most snuffers. Unlike some other contenders, there is no bitter taste and a rich and sweet smokiness. This offering is medium in color, grind and moisture while offering a fine jolt of nicotine with no unpleasant sensation in the nose. Try a pinch, this could become an everyday snuff.

Available in a convenient container size.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent if stingy

There's only one problem with this item and that it is supplied in miniscule size containers, and annoying ones at that. If supplied in large pinch tins this would be many folks all day grab but these small tins do put me off - SORT IT OUT GUYS ❤️

Nate (Derry, US)
Fresh Bergamot - Citrusy and Floral. Very Good. No Darker Scents, Mild Base.

I ordered the Med #99, and Sp#1 along with this Top Mill, and this is the best of the bunch, This is what I was looking for that bergamot scent. To the contrary to some of the other reviews there is absolutely NO "big, meaty notes of earth, biscuit, leather, toffee, peaty, peppery"...... Maybe that reviewer was having a coffee with their snuff. Nonetheless the Top Mill has a stronger bergamot scent than #01. I'm okay with this but in the future I might go with a different brand that has a bergamot product.

max1a (Cawker City, US)
Incredible products!

I had been a pipe smoker for decades and had recently been told to stop by my Dr. I had not used nasal snuff since the 1970's. I bounced around on the snuff sites for awhile trying to decide what to purchase. I ordered some Siberia in three different styles. Black, Brown and White. I got a couple of tins of non-tobacco Full Charge White Fox and an assortment box of McChrystals dry nasel snuff. Great packing, fast shipping and fresh products. I'll be returning soon!

Christopher (Mission Viejo, US)
Great snuff

Perfect snuff for anytime of the day

Matthew Francis
Subtle And Very Approachable

I thought I knew what to expect when I first cracked open a tin of this snuff. I bought it without really researching it, and when I realized that it was supposed to be an SP, I immediately expected a balance of citrus and earthy tobacco. That is not what this snuff delivers. The bergamot essence is very light and subtle. There are some hints of lavender here and there too. The base tobacco is really the star of the show with this snuff, delivering big, meaty notes of earth, biscuit, leather, sea salt, and toffee with light grassy, peaty, peppery hints to round it out. The grind is rather fine, though I have encountered finer grinds in other SP snuffs, and the moisture content is low-medium. The nicotine level strikes me as being somewhere between low and medium, especially for a snuff of this style. In other words, the nicotine is definitely there, but it does not pack as much of a punch as that of many of the other SP snuffs that I have tried to this point. This is a very good, solid SP-type snuff overall. Nothing is out of whack. The lovely base tobacco, decent moisture, good grind, and comparatively restrained nicotine all conspire to render this snuff exceptionally approachable and easy to take. It is definitely worth a try for those who are fans of snuffs of this style.