J & H Wilson S.P. No.1 5g

J & H Wilson S.P. No.1 5g

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J & H Wilson S.P. No.1 is an English tradition that dates back to the 17th century. The particular aroma and taste of fermented tobaccos created by this fine mixture is unparalleled. The moist earth bouquet combines with a slightly pungent citrus flavor to create an original English snuff. The grind is medium fine, the moisture is medium, the nose feel is very mild and the stimulation of endorphins is quite real. A very refined and inspired snuff.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Nate (Derry, US)
Neutral, Slightest Bergamot, Mild Earthy Tobacco. No Burn. Dry.

I was expecting far more heavier bergamot and lemon notes as per some of the reviews and product description, but I'm in agreement with Simon and his review. I wonder if the larger tins has more of a scent than the smaller 5g tin. I see this as something that I can take a lot of, quickly, with no menthol burn. I might buy the larger tin next time to see if there is any difference, or look for other bergamot snuffs. I love earl grey tea and I was excited to learn that they made bergamot snuffs but this doesn't live up to the true bergamot flavor.

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Classic, Tasty SP

J.&H. Wilson's S.P. No.1 is a classic SP-type snuff that delivers exactly what one would expect. Delightful notes of bergamot, lemon, and lavender float above base notes of earth, wood, grass, toffee, leather, and biscuit. The grind is medium-fine and slightly moister than some of the other SP snuffs out there, so this snuff does not come off as dusty and sits in the nose very well. The nicotine content is moderately high. For the most part, this is a balanced snuff suitable for any occasion or time of day. Fans of traditional English snuffs would likely love it.

Customer (Virginia Beach, US)

This was my first SP I tried I really do enjoy it very comforting, I wish the scent lasted longer, because I really do enjoy it. I will be ordering large can

Don (Winnipeg, CA)
The best

This snuff is very easy on the nose and its just a plain snuff , the other top mill are too much for my nose so i like this one, i buy this every month and now i might buy this alot more if the shipping is still free lol.

My Favorite SP

Very Nice bergamot, not too much not too little. Nice plain tobacco taste in the background. Almost dry, medium grind, initial burn is high but becomes very pleasant if you are into that ;) Nicotine is quite high, just enough for me. In larger quantities becomes quite a nic rush! Be careful when sniffing, easy to get it too far up there thanks to it being so dry. At this point one of my favorite SP's. Very good for daily use. Again, what is the fuss about the can, it's very practical and has never opened in my pocket...