FUBAR Doolali Tap 25g

FUBAR Doolali Tap 25g

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FUBAR Doolali Tap offers the soldier in you, something that will ease the pain. This clever mix of spices that lets the curry come to the front is sure to please any wayward soul awaiting to get back home.

Note: The source of the British slang noun doolalli (Deolali) originally "doolally tap", meaning to 'lose one's mind', derived from the boredom felt at the Deolali, a British Army transit camp. 'Tap' may be derived from the Sanskrit word tapa meaning 'heat' or 'fever'.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Lucky Pot Luck

I got 50g of this in a potluck package. At first i was wondering what the heck am i going to do with 50g! Since then I've made a good dent in it and snuff it daily. Just ordered the other two brutal FUBAR snuffs.

Deliciously Strong

Deliciously strong, great for allergy blockage. The aroma follows for quite a while and is mellow and nice.

Snuff Adventure

This is the easiest of the most recent three brutal releases of Fubar; Willie Pete and Bohica brutal in different ways.This has that special curry burn that lite up the nose juices and get them flowing, same base tobacco as the grunt. Less burn then the Bohica about half. I enjoy this best when pinched but after the initial clearing I seem to get blocked up a bit, that might just be me. I haven't sat with this one much because of its satanist nature. This snuff is for the adventurous soul you don't have to be insane to use this but it would help.Hint use WoS dynamite as a follow up snuff

A Spice Cabinet for the Nose

Strictly a medicinal snuff for me, honest, not an ounce of pleasure in this... unless you want to completely clear out your sinuses ... and all the spicy nasal pain that comes along with it. It smells more like something you'd find in your spice cabinet than something you'd put in your nose. I had gotten two of these in the MrSnuff potlucks, and the two were completely different. The first was weaker overall and tolerable, while the second was just utter agony. I definitely detect curry, turmeric, CHILI PEPPERS, clove, and perhaps just a tad bit of cinnamon. The grind is on the finer side, I believe this is oiled as it is moist and clumpy. Nicotine is high, and is relatively easy to take. This is the ultimate decongestant, and I'd highly recommend this be in your snuff medicine cabinet, however, I can't find much pleasure in putting this up your nose for fun. 5/5 for utility

Just Too Hot for Me

Received this items an addon for an order over $50.
It's FAR too hot in the nose but i can see a use for this when sick or congested.
Surely, this will clear the sinuses.