French Carotte 20g

French Carotte 20g

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Fribourg & Treyer French Carotte is a pleasant blend of botanical and herbaceous aromas with a slightly smoky undertone. There is a pleasant feeling in the nose with a mild tingle. This snuff is light brown in color, medium moist and finely ground. This mixture provides a substantial but not overwhelming nicotine hit. Aromatic without the heavy perfume; sweet but not cloying. Enjoy a pinch today.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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clinton knight (Queen Creek, US)
Blast from the past

This is actually one of the very first snuffs I tried about 25yrs ago and I loved it then and love it now. I can't find a fault in this snuff but if the scent lasted just a bit longer would be great. All F&T snuffs are of the highest quality, you get what you pay for with the brand.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Sunday Roast

Carottes glacées au miel et aux épices lyonnaise is a classic French plat d’accompagnement traditionally served with a variety of grilled or braised meats. The sweetness of the carrots balances the umami of the meat. Sweet and floral, French Carotte brings the same balance to tobacco. Being both of medium ground and medium moisture, it is quite easy to take. This khaki brown snuff is a wonderful side dish best enjoyed as a part of a whole. Its low nicotine content prevents it from stealing the show. Delicious in accompaniment to a slowly savoured meal, I particularly enjoy it with Sunday Roast.

Pumpkin Pie

Another F&T masterpiece! Sweet carrot aroma supplemented by a warm touch of spice. The combination reminds me of pumpkin pie and all things autumnal; even the color of this snuff borders on orange. Not as heavily scented as some of F&T's other offerings and hence smells more natural and less perfume-y.

Harlet's Purse

I knew someone that really enjoyed this snuff but as for me, it was best summed up in an online review that I read a long time ago that this snuff smells like the inside of a harlet's purse.
If you're seeking something very fragrant, look no further.

A Perfect Balance


This being my first foray into a snuff that was not an SP or menthol I can say that I am very pleased with Fribourg & Treyer French Carotte.

A floral scent that is neither too strong nor too subtle. I would say a perfect balance. Light and easy to take. For someone looking for a departure from run of the mill snuffs will want to try this one.