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Fribourg & Treyer Dr.JR Justice 5g Tap Tin

Fribourg & Treyer Dr.JR Justice 5g Tap Tin


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Fribourg & Treyer J.R. Justice is an almost perfect blend of many muted flavors that combine to form a slightly floral mixture that has is pleasant subtle but complex. The tobacco color is orange-brown with a fine grind and a delicate, almost fluffy texture. The taking is moderate on the nose and the nicotine levels are quite elevated. An amazing snuff for all occasions. Enjoy a pinch today.

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Fribourg & Treyer Dr.JR Justice 5g Tap Tin
Fribourg & Treyer Dr.JR Justice 5g Tap TinFT091
Fribourg & Treyer Dr.JR Justice 5g Tap TinFT091
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Customer Reviews

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D.P. (Ashburn, US)
The good stuff

Fribourg and Tryer is my go-to for snuff with no gimmicks. Easy on the nose and high quality. I have been using it on or off for 40 years, and the quality is unchanged.

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The Name

Says it all. Lemon pinesol that's amazing , slightly spicy something going on. Kissing cousins with Macouba sitting right next to it .
Top shelf

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Really nice ! Light pinesol with a ton going on in the background but pretty chill overall. I always keep coming back to this line .
I like the whole Fribourg line from old Paris ,Macouba , Siville .

Simply Marvelous

A marvelous snuff really, one that combines a history of prestige, what with its having been blended for Dr. JR and all, with a delightful floral scent. I enjoy it mostly in the early morning hours, as brisk air seems to help bring it out. My only complaint with regards to this snuff is that, while it is delectable, it can become overbearing if taken too much.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
La Svengali

James Robertson Justice was a prominent Scottish actor with a distinctive beard and a deep barytone voice. He often portrayed pompous authority figures with comedic aplomb. The naming of a tobacco product in his honour follows in the tradition of the great Gerald du Maurier, a renown actor of the previous generation. This rust-coloured snuff is fluffy, delicate and rich with a mildly floral flavour. It is in the same vein as F&T’s Bordeaux, but more civilized in nature. Like the enchanting voice of La Svengali, it fills you with desire.