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Dragon Madras 100g

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Janta Dragon Madras is a super strong golden snuff. The most premium quality tobacco leaves are roasted before grinding to provide you with the best possible experience of Madras Snuff. No added flavors or menthol, just the natural roasted tobacco aromas and a high nicotine content.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Josh (Morganton, US)
One of the strongest snuffs available

This is a nicotine bomb which uses Rustica tobacco and is roasted in clarified butter (ghee) which makes it easier on the nose. Tin note is an earthy tobacco with a hint of a burnt cigarette, maybe due to toasting the tobacco. In the nose, at first I noticed a distinct barnyard (chicken farm, dung) taste that was unappealing, but seems to be dissipating the more I use it - it could be airing off a bit. Really, it's just straight tobacco with no flavorings. What's most appealing about this snuff is the strength: only Taxi Red and NTSU Black are in the same ballpark nicotine wise, and one should exercise caution with this. I would put it alongside those as my personal top 3 strongest snuffs. Vitamin N hounds - grab this one, you won't be disappointed. I'd recommend this for smokers or dippers trying to quit.

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
A High-Quality Madras Snuff

This was another of the snuffs that I tried and enjoyed early on in my exploration of Indian snuff, and after finally coming back to it within the last week, I found it to still offer a rewarding experience. Out of the plastic tub, strong earthy, buttery aromas present themselves immediately. Once this snuff hits the front of the nose, one should expect dominant buttery, creamy impressions and a sharp chili pepper burn. These impressions gradually fade to reveal somewhat subtler straw, grass, lemon, hay, wood, toast, chili leaf, earth, and mushroom notes. The grind is quite fine, and moisture content is a little shy of medium in my estimation. Care must be taken when tooting this snuff because it is very easy to suck down the back of one's throat. The nicotine content is also quite high. Unlike many snuffs in which the nicotine sneaks up on you, the nicotine in this snuff smacks you around immediately and displays a tendency to linger for an extended period of time. This is definitely not a snuff for beginners, but those who are familiar with Indian snuffs and looking to get a better feel for some of the butter-toasted Madras offerings could do far worse than starting with this one. It's an excellent representation of the style and a more or less great no-frills kind of offering for those looking for something without a ton of additives. I kind of think that a rating of four stars is underselling this snuff slightly, but then again, I doubt this type of snuff would be for everyone. Personally, I enjoy it tremendously, but I also would not want to take it frequently. That being said, I will almost certainly be returning to it in the near future.

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T.D. (Dearborn, US)
Delicious and potent

This is among the first Indian snuffs i tried. Initially, it is powerful and fiery, with a chili pepper aroma complimented by a strangely pleasant "sour" scent. This evolves into a warm, nutty, buttery flavor with notes of chili/spice ; no doubt a result of being roasted in the Indian clarified butter. Grind is fine and dry, with a beautiful golden color. Nicotine is substantial.

M.V. (Laramie, US)
Very enjoyable

This is one of my new favorites. A little burn accompanied by toasty fragrant tobacco. Taste is of pure tobacco, very little ammonia. All of the maillard taste of frying in ghee is enjoyable considering all the fermented tastes I'm used to. Very fine and an immediate nic hit that is quick to dissipate. Small tugs are easy and rewarding but big ones taken with care are great 👍.

E.B. (Kitchener, CA)

When I first tried this snuff I was surprised by what id describe as a chili powder sort of flavor and it didnt take me long to realize i really liked it. id refer to it as a macho snuff, it tastes and feels like something a gritty cowboy would take in the wild west, it's fine, dry, strong and chili flavored, with a very present but pleasant burn.