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Crystal Non Tobacco Chhikni 10g

Crystal Non Tobacco Chhikni 10g

Janta Naswar

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Crystal Non-Tobacco Chhikni is a snow white powder that can be used to free the sinuses and refresh the nose. This medicated mixture has no tobacco or nicotine but will cleanse the palette between brands or to simply enjoy a revitalizing pause anytime of day. Enjoy the difference.

Available in a convenient container size.

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Crystal Non Tobacco Chhikni 10g
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Crystal Non Tobacco Chhikni 10gJN013
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Customer Reviews

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Kiefy (Palm Coast, US)

White powder, sort of crunchy texture. Pleasant to take, the menthol is light. Great to use to mix with stronger snuffs or to take a break from nicotine. Recommended

Michael Ambush (Brooklyn, US)
Effective Herbal

I don't get it. It smells a little like mint toothpaste to me but I didn't buy it for myself. I saw that there was no nicotine and that it was supposed to be an effective medicated mixture so I bought it for my wife and she loves it.

C. (Rindge, US)
Crystal chhikni

I am really upset on the fact that when you order this item it says 10g but clearly when you recieve the product it is only 8g so your missing 2g a container so if you order a case you are missing quite a bit

Hello Jessica,

I can totally understand why this would be upsetting, and I apologize for the misleading information.

Thank you for pointing it out. I have made the changes on the website to reflect 8g instead of 10g.

I have created a discount code for you - Jessica5 - which will give you $5 off your next purchase. I hope this gesture compensates for your disappointment. Please make sure to use the same email address as the code will only work if you do.


Crystal Non Tobacco Chhikni 10g

This is a non tobacco snuff of course. I wouldn't say it was menthol for me, more like a peppermint/spearmint combo. The can is packed so tightly you could easily fill a container four times it's size. It's almost as if it can't be emptied. Bottomless even. Hah.

I am one that experiments and I have mixed this with some Dholakia Swiss Chocolate in an approx 50/50 ratio. It's actually pretty good and great for those days when you don't want a strong hit, or if someone wants to try snuff with a twist or is a first time snuffer. Of course I don't mix all my snuffs but I will mix small amounts to taste test.

I really like this. Be warned tho, it's VERY fine and messy and people may get the wrong idea when they see the white powder on your nose, your desk or table. LOL Make sure you check your face before going out.