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Fribourg & Treyer Bordeaux is a highly fragrant mixture that evokes a time when wigs, walking sticks, snuff boxes and handkerchiefs were de rigeur. The floral bouquet commingles with the savory and spicy notes to create this unique mixture. Steadfast to tradition, this celebrated concoction is truly the essence of English snuff taking. Enjoy a pinch today.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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T.P. (Sandy, US)
Amazing Blend

The rose smell is very dominate but not in a bad way. I loved the texture and moisture, minimal burn but decent nicotine delivery.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
A trip to Grandmother's house

When I was a child my grandmother's house always smelled of lilacs and her treats were wonderfully vintage lemon drops and violet pastilles from Les Anis de Flavigny. This snuff triggers memories of visits to Grand-maman's on the Plateau Mont-Royal and basking in her radiance. I particularly enjoyed Bordeaux's citrusy-floral notes after a meal of roast duck as a means of clearing the pallet of the residual fats as one would do with a trou-Normand.

A Regular Favorite

This is a medium high moisture, medium grind, brown powder. It smells exactly like my bar of violet scented shaving soap, with an underlying lemon blossom scent. I have not yet detected any musk. The tobacco itself comes out toward the end. Nicotine content is just slightly lower than medium, but with a large pinch rolled from the fingers up the nose with your head tilted back, so that it falls directly into the sinus, is quite satisfying. It has a sharp burn to it if sniffed too harshly, which you want for a sinus clearing effect. Definitely one for the regular rotation.

Dancing Flowers

the snuff went into the nose, and i awoke from my dream only to go into another dream world where flowers danced with Bordeaux wine, and everyones wiliest and silliest dreams became a hushed and hazed reality and i did not wake from this exuberant dream for the longest fo times passing, until my hands passed back to the snuff; and blindly, or so still asleep, I couldn't tell which, and i did snuff again, whereafter i exited the dream realm and found myself wake and in the moment: to write this review on Mr Snuff.

So, as you can gather, Mr proust would have loved the Bordeaux. Its a truely telaportive snuff; I do feel like i've visited a France, a time long foregone.

Extremely Satisfying

I just love this snuff. After 40 years of Poschl, an occasional floral Wilsons of Sharrow and a rare Gawith I finally ordered 4 Fribourg and Treyer. I have reviewed Princes and Macouba and given them respectively; a 4 and 5. On that basis I must award Bordeaux a 7 if 7 is a fair maximum. Princes leaves a wonderful smokey flavor in the back of my throat that reminds me of a single malt and Macouba's bouquet is near perfect but, living in a desert after many years in the Hawaiian Islands the Bordeaux is like living in a garden again, or a tropical forest where I could drive my Jeep in and pick wild mango, passion fruit and papaya. My most cherished island smell is night blooming jasmine and I am a sucker for jasmine snuffs, but this is so much more complex; lingering and changing over time that it never bores. It is my go to snuff especially before bedtime as my last pinch of the day.

A reformed 3 pack a day smoker whose only tobacco dislike is cigars I find the F&T snuffs extremely satisfying. Far more so than chewing tobacco, pipes (and I have some wonderful old Charatans and Dunhills) and lip snuff. A reasonably priced and so fragrant nicotine fix.

My next order will include a few more F&T's that were well reviewed. I can't imagine finding anything I could like more, but the adventure. ...