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Bernard Weiss Blau 10g

Bernard Weiss Blau 10g


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Bernard Weiß Blau is a simple formula for such an outstanding powdered tobacco. This snuff reveals a luxurious and fragrant tobacco experience in every pinch. The menthol sits on top and is clear and crisp without being cloying. This straightforward blend provides a nice nicotine hit via the fine grind and low to mid moisture. A true menthol experience and perfect for regular use. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

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Bernard Weiss Blau 10g
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Customer Reviews

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Tee Vee (Washington, US)
Bernard Goodness!

While I wouldn't call this a Schmalzler, Bernard does, and such I'll go along. This is some delicious Snuff, It has that signature vinegar base flour that Bernard is known for, dryer than a Schmalzler but moist enough for nose comfort. The perfect amount of menthol with a smokey burnt wood scent. Very nice. I like it!

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
An Approachable Schmalzler

With the weather turning cold and wet, I have been seeking out snuffs that will keep my sinuses clear, so Schmalzler Weiss Blau has become a dear friend over the course of the past week. Compared to many schmalzlers, this one features a somewhat finer grind and is not heavily oiled. The aroma profile is balanced. Expect a nice but not stinging dose of menthol backed by impressions of smoke, pine, cedar, straw, raisin, prune, earth, and chocolate. Some toots may also reveal hints of peppermint, clove, anise, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The grind is medium-fine for a snuff of this style. The moisture content is more or less medium. Nicotine content is also basically middle of the road, though it can sneak up on you if you are fond of taking large pinches or numerous pinches in quick succession. Overall, this is a balanced, easygoing schmalzler that sits in the nose well and delivers enough underlying complexity to be respectable. It would make a great everyday pinch or a wonderful introduction to scented/mentholated schmalzlers.

E.P. (Longueuil, CA)
Enjoy a pinch!

The alternating white and blue diamonds depicted on the tap tin of Bernard’s “Weisse Blau” are the traditional colour scheme of the shield of Haus Wittelsbach, rulers of Bayern (Bavaria) for nearly a millennium. The House of Wittelsbach ruled Bavaria from 1180 until 1918, when Germany became a republic as a result of losing the First World War. The white and the blue diamonds have been the symbol of Bayern since 1240, when Otto II Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria, acquired the county of Bogen. As distinctive as the French tricolor, this colour scheme is seen on most things Bavarian: from the badges of BMW motorcars to Bayern München football jerseys to packets of Schnupftabak. “Weisse Blau” is a traditional Bavarian snuff. It consists of menthol, tobacco and grease. The mint for cooling, the shag is for the buzzing and the paraffin is to make it stick to your nasal passages. Being a Schmalzler, there is little chance of drip. Long in the nose, this finely ground snuff is without burn and offers a crisp menthol clarity sustained by civilized dosage of nicotine. Without artifice or vice, “Weisse Blau” is a Platonian baseline Schmalzler, great for novices or recalibrating your sinuses. Whether you are heading to the mountains in your Lederhosen or speeding towards the Allianz Arena in your BMW Alpina, this snuff will focus your mind and sharpen your senses.

Bernard Weiss Blau 10g

A very straightforward menthol snuff, this has menthol and tobacco with nothing else. The tobacco is very earthy and comes through clearly, despite the healthy menthol. This is likely the standard to compare to for a pure menthol experience.

Bernard Weiss Blau 10g

This was not my usual snuff but a very nice change of pace. The menthol is not overdone and has a weak tobacco flavor. It's almost like smelling a light cigar. I found the flavor to be very simple with not too many different aromas hitting you all at once. It doesn't last as long as I'm used to but it is finely ground so it's easy to use regularly. Will def make it a regular snuff for me!