Bernard Tiger Guarana 10g

Bernard Tiger Guarana 10g

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Bernard Tiger Guarana is a is a powerful pick-me-up. This sweet mixture presents a candy sensation to go along with the energy boost that each pinch provides. Simple sugar and guarana, a flower whose seeds provide a natural source of caffeine, are the contents of this nasal bomb. This is excellent if you are goal driven and need a little extra incentive to complete a task. Lumberjack or programmer, all is good. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

Customer Reviews

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K.L. (Lubbock, US)
Subtle and sneaky

So, got this, not sure what exactly I was expecting, maybe something closer to an espresso-like buz based on other reviews, but I didn't feel a thing. It was a pleasant watermelon candy scent, but no electrifying Redline energy drink feel. I CAN however attest to the fact that it does, apparently, give you a sneaky little boost since after working a full day in west Texas oilfield, then driving 6 hours immediately afterwards home to South Texas putting me home a little after midnight, I arrived dog tired but decided to open my most recent snuff order, and tried the tiger...3 hours later I finally quit working on the tractor and was tired enough to go to sleep again. Surmise from that what you will, I'm sure individual results vary, but either this particular product has a profound effect for me in particular or I got a batch with a little sumthin sumthin special mixed in lol. Moral of the story I no longer ride the tiger past 8pm.

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WT hell ?😳

Thought this was tobacco flavored whatever from Bernard not thinking ;or reading ? Is this the Disco days powder imagining it to be .
I have a collection of Bernard tobacco and it is candy .

SC (Monticello, US)
Tiger Guarana

A sugary snuff. It has a subdued fruity flavor. I can't necessarily pin down any specific flavors. This is very enjoyable. If you want a bit of a light, in between break with no burn and no menthol this will delight you. Guarana is present. I'm so used to energy drinks and caffeine I barely feel effects of them anymore. But that isn't to say you won't. The body is a bit clumpy but not tight. No backdrip or runny nose. The container is typical Bernard's shape. The front is printed with a tiger pattern reminiscent of rockabilly/psychobilly patterns. I give it 5 stars.

Tiger Guarana 10g

I did not like this at all. It is clumpy, smells like sugar (it is literally some sort of sugar), and provides no benefit at all.

Tiger Guarana 10g

Great scent that last with great energy boost. Its light and fluffy easy to take and has no burn.