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Bernard Magic Moments Black 10g

Bernard Magic Moments Black 10g


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Experience a unique and flavorful smokeless product with Bernard Magic Moments Black. This non-mentholated nasal snuff boasts a blend of German, Polish, and Russian tobacco for a bittersweet, fruity, and spicy scent. With a medium coarse texture and moist moisture level, it's perfect for beginners.

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Bernard Magic Moments Black 10g
Bernard Magic Moments Black 10gBER465
Bernard Magic Moments Black 10gBER465
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Nate (Salem, US)
Rich Dried Strawberries - Give It A Try

You have to buy this if you like strawberries. The tobacco is dark, moist, and extremely aromatic with a rich and natural dried strawberry that comes through. I'd say the Nicotine is on the lower side, but this scent is just an instant de-stressor.

J.A. (Richmond, US)
Get some before it’s gone!

After reading that Bernard’s might be shutting down for good, I decided to write a little review for any other snuff noobs on the fence.

I love the schmalzers! They’re so unique compared to the other snuffs that I think everyone should give them a shot. I thought the moisture level would bother me because of how oily they seem but it hasn’t felt much different at all once it’s up there.

The scents last forever too…. Very strong, very fruity and figgy. I can’t pull out strawberry or anything too specific but it’s extremely welcoming and pleasant.

CD (Meadow Valley, US)
Unique fruity scent

This is a unique snuff that emanates lasting sweet fruity scents without menthol. Its a dark moist snuff that gives a nice hit of nicotine with a slight burn. One of my favorites.

G.G. (New Albany, US)

Very nice strawberry scent. I like this one in the evening.

Hugo (Saint-Colomban, CA)
Snuff that's different

Bernard Magic Moment black was part of my very first snuff package. It's the last one I finished. Because I wanted to make it last. It's texture is amazing and stays in the nostril without ever going "too high" like not many a snuff I have tried. Delicious strawberry turning on plum hits you as the fine nicotine hit gets to your synapses. A great feeling of awarness and yet of relaxation. Does not burn or tingle too much either. Clearly not one of those powdery english/indian style snuffs. Bernard has hit a sensible chord here. Ordering a new one right away as I am almost done with my second can.