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Bernard "Schmalzlerfranzl" Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert 10g

Bernard "Schmalzlerfranzl" Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert 10g


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Bernard Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert is the standard by which German snuffs are measured. This double fermented technique is testament to the quality of the product and proof that character takes time and effort even with tobacco. The nose feel is present but not painful. The grind is coarse, aerated but moist, and gushes with aroma. The most obvious flavors are dried fruit with highlights of fig, slightly spicy and an overall complex bouquet. All this supported by a very decent nicotine hit. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

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Bernard "Schmalzlerfranzl" Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert 10g
Bernard "Schmalzlerfranzl" Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert 10gBER462
Bernard "Schmalzlerfranzl" Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert 10gBER462
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Customer Reviews

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Shahram (Encino, US)
A Symphony for the Senses

As a newcomer to the world of snuff, I was both excited and slightly apprehensive to try Bernard Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert. The double fermentation technique and the German craftsmanship behind it had me intrigued. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Packaging and Texture
The snuff comes in a 10g tap box, which is convenient but leaves me wishing for larger size options. The grind is coarse yet aerated, and the moisture level is just right, making it easy to pinch and enjoy.

First Impressions
Upon opening the box, you're greeted with a complex aroma that's hard to pin down but utterly inviting. The nose feel is present but not overwhelming, a gentle nudge rather than a slap to the senses.

Flavor Profile
The first sniff delivers a burst of dried fruit, with fig being the most prominent. It's like a finely aged wine; there are layers of flavors and scents to explore. A hint of spice adds complexity, and the overall bouquet is rich and fulfilling. Some reviewers mentioned notes of sour apple, rum, raisins, and even black cherry, and while individual experiences may vary, the consensus is clear: this snuff is a masterclass in flavor complexity.

Nicotine Hit
The nicotine hit is moderate but satisfying, a slow crescendo rather than a sudden jolt. It's the kind of satisfaction that lingers, making you appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating this product.

After Experience
The scent and feel linger pleasantly, making you reach for your hanky to enjoy the experience a bit longer. It's a snuff that you'll want to revisit, not just for the nicotine but for the intricate dance of flavors and aromas.

Final Thoughts
Whether you're new to snuff or a seasoned connoisseur, Bernard Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert offers a rich, multi-layered experience that's hard to match. It's a product that invites you to take your time, to savor and explore. Highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their snuff experience.

Jonathan Miller (Southampton, GB)

Bernard Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert 10g

Ben (Seattle, US)

This snuff is incredibly rich, the smell is simply wonderful. I am new at this and have only tried a few snuffs, but even someone new to this can tell this is a wonderfully nuanced product. It has a bit of a sting to my nose, but nothing unbearable, and the scent and feel afterwards were well worth it.

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Brandon Arthur (Reading, US)
This is it!

I can smell what the talks about ,absolutely astounding, very comforting ,I get a plummy scent with a touch of sour apple nicely paired with your favorite wine .will definitely be buying more ,it made my top 5

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Jose (Atlanta, US)

This was one of my first and everyone knows why it ranks up there.
My first box had a sour to it that I loved but sadly waiting for another one just like it . But until then 🤣