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6 Photo Krishan Sudama is a plain Sihori type snuff made from strong Gujrati tobacco and lightly seasoned with a dash of spice. The Krishan and Sudama story may have turned out differently if the gift would have been this snuff rather than rice cakes. I digress, the perfect balance achieved by this exquisite mixture of medium milled tobaccos, low moisture and ease of snuffing is unparalleled. There are also discernible fresh, minty notes that are pleasant and help round out a substantial nicotine hit.

Available in a convenient container size.

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Dewayne (Ashburn, US)
Nice surprise

The base tobacco is similar to Yellow Lilly plain. It's flavored with spearmint and a little wintergreen. Also has a slight brown sugar note. Very nice, it's hard not to scoop up a teaspoon of it at a time.

Just Browsing (Fareham, GB)
Surprisingly moreish

Expected not much from this, because of the price. Product is in a resealable bag in a cardboard box, which is maybe how they save costs a bit.
I decanted some, vacuum sealed the rest as usual.
Then sniffed some up, and was very pleasantly surprised. I'm not a massive menthol fan apart from first thing in the morning, but this snuff is mildly menthol/minty. I've read others say it reminds of toothpaste, the minty cream stuff in a tube, not dentifrice, and I can see why, and I actually find it delicious because its mild, not overpowering at all.
Its very fine, I don't mind that, I just hold and roll pinches slightly further from nostril and inhale slightly less vigorously.
The menthol, if that's what it is, is mild enough for me to chain sniff this with a few beers, and I can't do this with any other menthol snuff.
Nicotine is good, tobacco scent is good.
Will definitely order this again.

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Bro Brian (Los Angeles, US)
Brush your teeth with this

The Krishan Sudama (Tapkir) is an odd scented concoction that smells like toothpaste or something, yet the nicotine level is above par. This snuff comes in a ziplock bag stuffed into a box. I opted to take a KFC side dish bowl, and transferred it into there for easy access. I like this for the Nic level, but the toothpaste scent takes a little getting used to.

Jack Hays
Menthol or Wintergreen?

I'm going to go out on a limb and call it without a shred of direct evidence: methyl salicylate.
Not a big fan of wintergreen, nor have I ever been, except for years of dipping. Not even as a kid. Still hate the taste of Pepto Bismol.
So my first pinch of Krishan Sudama - one of an assortment in the 6 Photo mystery box - was a tad surprising. I've become a big fan of the Indian mentholated snuffs, but this one's unique.
You might say it's Cheeta's quiet and unassuming brother. Same color, same fine grind, but there's only a slight scent of wintergreen, without the brash, in-your-face ammoniacal aggressiveness of Cheeta. Past experience with such a fine grind already warned me to sniff gently, but the scent is absolutely refreshing. This is a new experience for me because it sniffs so easily.
However. Krishan has a huge nicotine punch behind all that niceness. The burn comes on rather gradually, and by the time I realized that I may have gotten a little too much it was already too late. With a lot of the menthols it's the menthol itself that warns me to stop - you know, that "breathing through my tear ducts" kind of feeling - but there's none of that here. It comes across almost like a madras but without so much of the vegetative smell. Just a hint of wintergreen.
Since that first round I've concluded that this snuff is absolutely lovely in moderation. And with such a high nicotine level a pinch or two is plenty of satisfaction for me to get moving with the other things I'm doing at the moment.
Highly recommended.

Saxon W (Kecskemét, HU)
Krishan Sudama 50g -- Strange but nice

It is a pale very fine powder, with moderate moisture content, packing a huge punch in nicotine. I could successfully curb my cigarette cravings, thanks to this. If you can manage fine indian snuffs, not easily offended by strange smells, and come with an open mind, you should like this. Would not recomment to beginners however.

I can't really put my finger on the smell of this snuff. My wife thinks it's straight up from a subway station toilet, and I would add "with menthol urinal cake". However, I very much like the menthol and the strange smell, which becomes less obtrusive as it airs and your nose get used to it. With a little time, it became a welcome addition to my daily rotation.

One more thing: this is a tapkir, which, if I understand correctly, is widely used as oral tobacco in India. It is rubbed on the gums and teeth. I tried this method of usage, but had more success dipping it. It's absolutely doable, if you can use american scotches.