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6 Photo Gold Rush 200g

6 Photo Gold Rush 200g

Lachhman Dass

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A refreshing and flavorful smokeless nasal snuff with a fruity and spicy scent. Made with a medium grind Indian flue-cured blend, this mentholated product is perfect for beginners with its slightly moist texture. Enjoy a smooth and easy experience with 6 Photo Gold Rush.

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6 Photo Gold Rush 200g
6 Photo Gold Rush 200g6PH085
6 Photo Gold Rush 200g6PH085
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Customer Reviews

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E.W. (Farmington, US)
Get some

I'm not picking up mango. Tropical fruit, yes. Mango, nope. Then spice, wood and fragrant fruit blossoms. The spice mixture doesn't loan menthol, but there is a slight cooling sensation as the fruit and wood give way to fruit blossoms backed with that familiar universal tobacco at the back of the throat

Jeremy (Chaplin, US)
Too much going on at once

This stuff was not what I was expecting. It hits you like a burning fruit spice then finally the menthol cools your nose off but also kind of corrupts the fruit scent. So the mango is too spicy at first then too much menthol at the end.
Maybe if my nose gets more used to it it will grow on me but for now I’ll put it to the side.

Christopher (Lake Forest, US)
Great snuff for all

This is the best snuff I have tried so far it has hints of mango very fruity

St. Clare (New Milford, US)
Very good, very fruity, medicated/mentholated snuff

6 Photo's Gold Rush is a delight to take. A medium-to-fine grind to my eyes, and a relatively moist nasal snuff to the fingers and in the nose, this medium-brown snuff immediately blossoms into a flavor or scent that I think I can best describe as an exceptionally-mango-esque blast—with perhaps a bit of pineapple—followed by a pleasant and lasting menthol.

My tolerance to nicotine is quite pronounced, so I did not detect any hit of nic on this one; however, I am sure that, for those of you not consuming nicotine all day, every day (as I do), this will deliver a swift, moderate dose of nicotine alongside a wonderful bouquet of flavors.

This snuff is definitely NOT for those who are averse to fruity flavors/aromas. That being said, I feel that, for those of you who DO enjoy the flavor/scent of tropical fruit, this snuff would be seriously satisfying.

I can especially imagine this snuff being pleasant on hot summer days!

Michael Ambush (Brooklyn, US)
Gold Rush!

It's not too fine or dry or powdery. I would say it is medium. The scent is fruity - I pick up mango - with a dose of menthol. It doesn't have a ton of nicotine if that is what you are looking for. But it is really nice overall. I got the 8 gram as a sampler and just ordered the 30 gram.