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6 Photo French Riviera 8g

6 Photo French Riviera 8g

Lachhman Dass

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Inspired by the sun drenched French city of Nice, comes a very unique snuff. 6 Photo French Riviera has used the warm sea breeze, azure water and aromatic gardens of this southern coastline of France to capture the essence of this iconic district. Reminiscent of the lingering aromas of a summer evening on the 'Chemin des Anglais', every French Riviera tin contains the joy of a day in this Mediterranean paradise.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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6 Photo French Riviera 8g
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6 Photo French Riviera 8g6PH208
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anonymous (Whiting, US)

This snuff right here turned me on to Indian snuff. Lovely rose scent, not English rose but Damascus rose which is sweeter and spicier. With a silky fine moist texture. The texture is unique and delicate and compliments the rose scent nicely.

Bebe Lolita (Sumter, US)
Rendezvous & Riviera

Exquisitely blended with notes of The Riviera. Haven't been to the Riviera? Been? I shall Dive in to what I feel makes this snuff Superb.

You love the sea? Floral notes to Tropical notes? French Riviera is worth the sniffs.

The sea, fresh salty sea air vibe, earthy vibes, port town without sea creatures smells. Floral is pronounced but the Balance of Sea Vibes along with a comforting warm buttery essence that is quite common in Indian Snuffs scores.

Nicotine hit I'd give a 5 of 10, burn 5 of 10. The notes are so well blended you can pinch a lot thus nicotine level can go easily to a 8 of 10. The Blend is very special to me with a nice fluffy factor moisture level 7 out of 10.

Easy to take with hints of tinge. Like with any Tins... Let it breathe when opened, gold spoon or snuff spoon to fluff snuff to open notes nicely within less than 30 minutes. Sailing, Boat-ing, Rooftop Dining, Beach, Lake, Night at Chic Casino Online offline, French Riviera pairs well.

Always remember you may not agree to the review vibes to agree with certain reviews.

This is worth the Dive...
In my POV... 5☆☆☆☆☆

No passport needed.

Cigara St Cistar
Cigara St Cistar Live

Chris Hiles (Kennewick, US)
Roses.. it smells like roses..

Personally, the grind, the nicotine hit, the rest is as described.. but all I smell is roses... A very strong lingering scent of roses.i.mean it's not terrible or anything and actually quite pleasant..but I am smell nothing else but roses.. still a great snuff

AS (Wellington, NZ)
Needs to breathe

Upon opening the tin I was reminded of the lost WoS Strasbourg, so I was expecting a lead note of citron. Unfortunately in the nose it was like the chemical infusion left in the air at the department store perfumery that makes you hasten your step. I allowed it to breathe for a week and returned to it. The air had done it well as the chemical smell, while still initially there, quickly faded and the lead note of citron took its place. Squeezing the nostrils released lavender and violet notes. It you like perfumed snuffs you should give this a go, just remember to let it breathe first.

6 Photo French Riviera 30g

It's a silky moist grind there's Barely any burn if any at all. Upon first snuff there's a ever so slight cooling, then a plethora of perfume's slowly Start's to hit you. Perfumes of high class prostitutes, and fine ladies in waiting to be courted. In a good way it's becoming one of my favorites. The flavors linger for quite a while which is all good. Is that the faint smell of a fresh deck of card's being dealt, an perhaps wisps of the flowing river that I do detect?